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By The Fifth Date, You Should Be Noticing These Good Signs

The fifth date is already a nice stage in dating. You have gotten over the jitters of the first date and you have reached a more comfortable and peaceful time. It is not a guarantee that you will stay together for life, but you are already experiencing a time in your dating where things might be progressing to something serious.

These Signs On The Fifth Date Tell You Things Are Going Great

So on the fifth date, it is already a good time to check for some signs if you are going somewhere with your date or not. You may do this so you know if things are progressing or regressing. Here are some things you should look out for:

1. They have a sense of humor.

You find them generally fun. Life can be such a pain sometimes and people who naturally find a good thing in a difficult situation are gems. They are worth bringing along for the ride.

2. You feel good about yourself around them.

It’s natural to put our best foot forward on the first date. After all, first impressions last. But as you spend more time with each other, you become more comfortable. Eventually, you will find that this person makes you feel good about yourself, no matter how crappy you look or what the circumstance is.

3. You have next level conversations.

On the first few dates, the conversation is light and is mostly about getting to know more about each other. But on the fifth date, you have surpassed the small talk and are already talking about more serious stuff, like life philosophies, goals, and plans.

4. You have shared interests.

Since you already talk about more serious stuff, you realize that you have a lot of common interests. These things are mostly the things that you would like to do together when you are already a couple.

5. Shared Values

After the interests, there are the common values. You put the same value on the same things, such as respecting elders, valuing family, putting emphasis on integrity and hard work, and the like.

These are some of the good signs you should already look for on your fifth date. When you have ticked most if not all of them, then you are heading on a good path for the two of you. For more tips for dating, read other posts on our blog.