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Irresistible Traits That Have Nothing To Do With Your Physique

When it comes to attraction, what do you think people base it on? Most of you would definitely answer looks, but that is only true to some extent. As humans, we know how to appreciate the physical beauty in everything. However, what we don’t see right away are the irresistible traits in a person that have nothing to do with someone’s appearance.

Irresistible Traits That Are Not Skin Deep

When it comes to choosing your mate, the physical will definitely catch your eye, but your appreciation for how a person looks will fade over time if he or she isn’t bringing anything to the table. For example, if you meet someone online who’s really attractive, but this person despises the things you like, your dating will be cut short because you have probably lost interest. So what are the traits that are more important than how we look?


In a research done by Elizabeth McGee and Mark Shevlin, entitled “Effect of Humor on Interpersonal Attraction and Mate Selection,” they found that funny people are more attractive. It may be because most people feel at ease when they laugh. The research also found that being funny is essential to maintaining long-term relationships compared to short ones.


Are you a good storyteller? If you are, many people might find you attractive. We have all been to a party where we observe one person commanding the attention of the room by his or her ardent storytelling. This is backed up by a research done by John K. Donahue and Melanie C. Green. It was appropriately titled “A good story.” They found that a man’s storytelling ability affects their attractiveness and perceived status.

Extroversion Through Imitation

Last is extroversion wherein a person loves being around people. In a research by Korrina A. Duffy and Tanya L. Chartrand called “The Extravert Advantage.” They found that extroverts have the ability to establish rapport with people through imitation, but only if they have a motivation to do so. This is important because it shows that extroverts need to find a reason to interact with a person. Thus, we have to work on our inner qualities to attract such people.

Everything listed here is backed up by research so you know that there’s a bit of science behind each claim. It proves that people aren’t just looking for a handsome or beautiful partner to spend the rest of their life with. For more interesting dating posts, make sure you read the rest of the blog.