Dos and Don’ts of Online Dating, featuring the ladies of AsianDate

Online dating is (obviously) different from meeting people in person. For the most part, this is awesome. You can meet a ton of new people in a short amount of time, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. One downside, though, is that you miss out on social cues that you’d see offline. Here are some dos and don’ts to help avoid misunderstandings that can happen during online dating. This is a 2 part blog post, so here’s part 1!

1. DO: Be complimentary

It’s no secret: Women love compliments. They want to hear how cool their interests are, how funny the writing in their profile is, and how pretty they look in that dress. Don’t be shy about letting women know what you like about them, and make sure to keep a good balance of physical/non-physical compliments.

DON’T: Be creepy

We’re not here to tell you not to compliment a woman’s physical appearance. In fact, you absolutely should. Just don’t go too far too soon. Here’s a rule of thumb for your first conversation with a new match: Don’t say anything you wouldn’t want your grandma overhearing.

Lin (ID: 1269200) Zhengzhou, China


Lin Says: “Be specific when you compliment a woman’s appearance. It’s cute and charming. Genuine comments like ‘I like the freckles on your nose’ or ‘It’s so cute how you cover your mouth when you laugh’ will go really far.”

2. DO: Pick your nicest photos

Not that you’d intentionally do otherwise, of course. But a lot goes into a nice picture. Show yourself from different angles, make sure everything is well-lit and don’t forget to smile. Feel free to throw in pics of yourself with babies or dogs, too—ladies loves that.

DON’T: Misrepresent yourself

We hate it when women do it, so you shouldn’t do it, either. You don’t need to suck in your stomach or flex any harder than usual, and don’t cover your face with sunglasses or a big hat. Women like men who are genuine.

Mixiang (ID: 1269136) Changsha, China


Mixiang Says: “Put some effort into your pictures! Women spend hours making sure they look their best in online photos. You don’t need to spend hours, guys, but the nicer you look, the more women you’ll hear from.”

Part 2 of our Do’s and Don’ts coming later this week. Stay tuned…