Dos and Don’ts of Online Dating, featuring the ladies of AsianDate, part 2.

Last time, we gave you some important dos and don’ts when it comes to online dating, and below, we detail a few more! These include some tips on how to communicate with the fabulous bilingual ladies of AsianDate.

3. DO: Help with English

Most women on AsianDate are still in the process of learning English, and they’d love to have your help. Relationships are all about communication, so verbal understanding is obviously important.

DON’T: Be condescending

She gets it: you speak English better than her. That’s because you were raised speaking it. Some light teasing is okay, but don’t take it too far. And don’t get frustrated or combative if she’s having trouble; she’s doing her best to express herself to you

Warunya ID: (1267501) Chiang Mai, Thailand


Warunya Says: “I’d love to have a man teach me English! As long as he’s prepared to learn a few words in Thai here and there :)”

4. DO: Discuss common interests

Check out her profile and see what you have in common. Music? Travel? Candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach? There’s definitely something there. Bonding over a shared passion is one of the best ways to get to know someone.


DON’T: Make it all about you

You should absolutely tell her about the cool and fun stuff you’ve been up to. But make sure to give her a chance, too. You’ll learn more about her and the culture that she’s from.

Thu Hien (ID: 1258433) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Thu Hien Says: “Unfortunately, a lot of guys love to talk about just themselves. You’ll make yourself stand out from the pack if you ask a lot of questions and show genuine interest in the things we like to do.”