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Common Myths About Dating Asian Women

There are a lot of men that say they are interested in Asian women, but they have absolutely no clue about dating Asian women. There are many myths about what Asian women are all about and how they differ from other races. In order to get past these often misguided interpretations, let’s take a look at some of the most common myths and explain why they are simply wrong.

What Myths About Dating Asian Women You Can Freely Ignore

Myth #1 – All Asian Women Are Submissive

That’s no different than saying all members of any race are given to a certain behavior. An Asian woman can be a Geisha in one scenario or a partner to a man in another. It also depends on the way you build your personal relationship.

When you’re dating an Asian woman, her demeanor can vary from sweet, innocent and submissive. Asian women can be strong, independent, dominant and even argumentative, in other words, it depends on your relationship and how she was raised.

Myth #2 – Asian Women Are All The Same

There are many different countries in Asia and within those countries are a myriad of different cultures, belief systems and religions. They all speak different languages, come from different backgrounds and they all enjoy different foods.

If you really want to date Asian women, remember that they are not all the same, they are unique individuals and should be treated as such. Find out about where she is from, learn about the culture and ask questions, don’t assume you know anything.

Myth #3 – Dating Asian Women Requires Family Approval

While it is true that traditionally Asian families had a high level of involvement in the relationships their daughters formed, this is not always the case today. Many Asian women are free to choose the person they want to spend their lives with, however, if the family doesn’t approve of you, there can be problems.

Make a good, lasting impression on her family and you’ll have a much better chance with her as well. It can be difficult to navigate the dating world, but if you’re serious about dating Asian women and want more information, visit the rest of our blog, we’re here to help you.