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Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Dating Asian Women

When men ask how they should go about dating Asian women, the easy answer is that they are mostly like any other woman. However, there are three big mistakes that can be easily avoided if you follow the tips below.

What You Must Never Do If You Wish To Be Dating Asian Women

Never Say You Prefer Asian Women

When most men of all races think about dating Asian women, chances are high that you have fantasized about them for a while. No sense trying to hide it, this preference is well known and well documented.

In fact, it has the modern name of “Yellow Fever” and is not looked upon as favorable. Never, never say that you’ve “always had a thing” for Asian women. She’ll know that you’re just looking for an Asian woman and that you’re not interested in her specifically.

Not Having a Direction in Life

If you have a high sense of honor, have moral ethics, and a sense of purpose, will go a long way to winning a woman’s heart; no matter her race. Asian women, and their families are particularly sensitive to what a man has to offer.

Those men that have no aim or direction in life and few means of supporting her might as well kiss their chances goodbye. This is not something specific to Asian women, but Asian Women prefer men of high quality. You don’t have to perfect, but you should be a man who pursues his passions and acts with purpose.

Acting Like a Player

Asian women living in Western cultures, are even more attuned to this than those abroad. This might come from having been approached by so many men that are just looking to put another notch in their belt.

It’s important that you treat them with as much respect as you can muster and that you are sincere and honest. All women generally want the same things from a man; they like to be treated with honor, respect and equality above all else.

The truth is, there are general rules to dating women, but there are some specific rules to keep in mind when pursuing a beautiful Asian woman. If you want to increase your odds, it’s important to follow the simple tips we just mentioned. If you have any questions, comments or, if you want to know more about dating Asian women, visit the rest of our blog.