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Autumn Date Ideas That Will Refresh Your Relationship

Autumn is here! It’s time to get your pumpkin spice candles, your leaf rake, and your boots out of storage. On top of doing that, you might as well do some advance planning to cook up spectacular autumn date ideas that you and your beau can go on. New seasons are like marks for new beginnings; try some special activities that can refresh your relationship – and we don’t mean pumpkin picking.

Autumn Date Ideas Other Than Picking Pumpkins

Pumpkin picking is a common activity that most couples do every time fall hits. It may even be a standing tradition. It’s a great activity, but if you want to refresh your relationship, you’re going to need some new date ideas for fall. We have the following suggestions:

1. Romantic Picnic At The Park, Complete With Wine

When was the last time you went to the park and had a picnic? It’s the time of the year when all the leaves turn orange so where better to appreciate the beauty of this cycle than at a park near you. Amp up your usual picnic by bringing along wine. Don’t forget the cheese and the grapes. This could also be a perfect first date for transferring from online to offline relationship.

2. Mini-Holiday At A Nearby Town

Small towns always have something cooking for fall season. It could be a local festival or a farmer’s market. The charming ambiance, the fall beauty, and the laid back vibe will make you relaxed and, hopefully, appreciative of each other in a new way.

3. Cider And Wine Tasting

Not a lot of people go cider and wine tasting. Well, maybe wine tasting, but cider tasting isn’t something that happens often. Because it’s fall, you can bet that cider is going to be everywhere.

4. Learn How To Bake An Apple Pie

Other than pumpkin picking, another usual activity people do is pick apples. After which, you can spend a day at home, learning how to bake apple pie by watching videos on YouTube. If you are dating online currently, you can do this also. Just do it over the video chat, each on your side of the world.

These autumn date ideas should get you started. You and your partner should definitely take advantage of the fall season, the orange tints on the leaves and the amazing weather. For more dating tips and tips to improve your relationship, check out our blog here.