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How to Attract Asian Women in Four Ways

Western men have long been attracted to Asian women. They love their dark silky hair, exotic almond shaped eyes and petite figures. Generally, Asian women are proper and respectful, which are desirable qualities in a partner. What Western men struggle with is how to attract Asian women.

To Attract Asian Women, You Need To Do This

While there is no tried and true formula and all women are different, there are some notable commonalities that men could develop in order to catch the eye of a woman from the far East.


Like most ladies looking for the perfect partner, Asian women prefer men who are successful. This is not to say they are gold diggers. Success is measured in more ways than one, women are looking for the confidence that comes from success. To the contrary, many of these women, especially those from billion strong China, grow up in strained economic circumstances.

Asian women are not materialistic. They want to feel protected with the strength of a successful man and a home to call their own. Success can be measured by the size of the family and the quality of food on the table. Having the chance to experience a good life is the goal for these women.


Because many Asian women come from modest circumstances, they are grateful for small gifts and thoughtful gestures. Flowers, perfume, or even something special like a delicacy from home, go a long way. The goal is to be thoughtful in selecting trinkets. Throwing money around and showering a woman in furs and jewels is not the way to her heart. When it comes to gifts, an Asian woman favors quality over quantity.


Asian women respect powerful men who know what they want. A take charge attitude and supreme self-confidence give women the security they crave. Watching a man be decisive in making plans, ordering meals or directing the actions of others is intoxicating to some women, especially those whose culture has trained them to be submissive.


Eastern society places a value on honor and propriety not seen in Western culture nowadays. Manners and propriety are very important to Asian women. They adhere to traditional roles and expect to be treated with respect.

Men should refrain from cursing, using vulgar gestures and suggestive behavior. Public displays of affection are not common and should be avoided. Men should mirror the modest and proper demeanor of the woman they are hoping to attract. A well-mannered man who can protect his delicate Asian woman, has potential to be a successful partner.

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