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A Checklist Of What You Need To Do Before Breaking Up

Nobody wants to go through a breakup.  It’s a painful process that most of us would rather avoid. However, there are times when it is necessary, making everything all the more confusing. When do you know if a break up is the final solution? Is there a checklist that you can refer to before breaking up?

Before Breaking Up, Do These Five Tasks

Yes, we’ve made an easy to follow checklist so that everyone can make the right decision before breaking up. This checklist was specifically designed to allow you to think about your decision, whether it is worth doing or whether there is something that’s still worth fixing:

1. Think about why you were attracted to each other.

Most likely, you are thinking of breaking up with your partner because the spark is no longer there. When you have arguments in this emotional state, it’s easy for you to just let go. Stop right there and backtrack on your memories. What made you and your partner attracted to each other? Are those qualities still there?

2. Break your routine.

Do you feel like things aren’t what they used to be? Do you feel bored in your relationship? If so, you and your partner need to make an effort to break from your routines. During the beginning, you have always done something new together, so why not do it now?

3. Assess the baggage that you’re carrying.

The way you feel right now might be due to your past experiences in your other relationships. You have to think long and hard if your desire to break up is because of the baggage you’re carrying. Once you have, you’d have to deal with your baggage. For example, if you have trust issues because you’ve been cheated on before, you have to talk to your partner about your suspicions in your current relationship.

4. Identify your own fears.

Sometimes, it’s not our partner’s fault that we feel like the relationship is not worth it. We may have our own issues that we must resolve. A good example would be the fear of intimacy. You might need professional help to get over this fear, but the most important thing is that you are doing something about it.

5. Try disarming yourself.

Arguments can be very heated if we go into it with the perspective of acting offensively. Before breaking up, try resolving issues in a way that’s calm. If you look at the situation from a place of understanding and compassion, you will eventually learn how to deal with your anger in arguments. This could save your relationship, and could help your partner change for the better.

Relationships need work, we all know that. If you think that there’s still something to save, do everything you can to salvage your love. For more tips on how to fix broken relationships, read other posts on our blog.