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Dating Tips and News

Are you ready to meet the most beautiful, interesting, and intelligent women in the world? Using this blog you get all the dating tips and news to make sure your search for the right woman is conducted in the proper way.

Receive dating news as well as dating Asian women tips. The best part is you’ll be in a league of your own with impressing Asian women. Now is the perfect time to fall in love and share your heart with the perfect woman for you.

Use our dating tips and news to make your life better than you ever imagined. Start your journey today with the help of AsianDate tips and news. We want to see you succeed on your journey of love and we’re here to make it happen.

first date AsianDate

If Your First Date Looks Like This, You’ll End Up Married

Do you believe in love at first date? Probably not, because first dates are always cumbersome. We’ve always described first dates as “make it or break it” moments for two people because the first meeting is usually used as a way to find out if a possible relationship is in the works or if there’s attraction building up. However, a recent survey reveals that now married couples have all had basically the same kind of the first date.

Could There Be A First Date That Leads To Wedding Bells?

There possibly is a specific type of the first date that could lead to tying the knot. Instead of going out and doing a specific dating activity, like hiking or playing paintball, you’ll have better chances of getting married when your first date is less complicated.

Survey Says

1,100 married couples who met on online dating sites were given survey questions. The first survey question had to do with picking an activity that they did on their first dates. There was a list of 20 options. Surprisingly, most married couples answered going to dinner as their first date. Second in the running was going for a walk, and the third most popular option was meeting for drinks or coffee.

What Dating Lesson Can We Get From The Results?

It seems that the common factor that we can observe from the survey results is that first dates might pay off if they’re less complicated. We, all, have this particular first date idea where everything needs to be fun, romantic and perfect, but reality and science say that we need to dial down what we think first dates should be like. Who would have thought that going for a walk would be so good first date idea? Obviously, simplicity is the key.

Why Should You Stick To A Simple First Date?

So why stick to simple first dates? This is a good question. While taking a walk or having a simple meal or drink with someone might not be very romantic to you, but it’s actually the best way for you to get to know a person. When you’ve planned an elaborate first date, you might have a good time, but it could leave both of you not experiencing a connection that we all look for.

Do you think that you’re going to plan your first date with simplicity in mind from now on? Go for it. Try it and see if it works for you. Remember that the main focus is on getting to know the person. We have more dating tips for you on the blog and don’t forget to check out AsianDate if you want to meet pretty girls from Asia.

unattractive traits AsianDate

Unattractive Traits You Are Unconscious Of

When you’re online dating on Asian Date or any dating website, you always want to put your best foot forward because you want to make a good first impression. It’s the same when you meet a person offline or in real life for the first time, you want to minimize your unattractive traits.

Unattractive Traits You Should Become Aware Of

However, we tend to have characteristics that make us unattractive. It’s natural to have these unattractive traits, of course, because no one is perfect. But, what you don’t want is for you to show these qualities off without being aware of them. Check this list of traits that may be showing off unconsciously when you’re online dating.

Being Self-Absorbed

A good rule to remember when you’re chatting with someone online is to make way for the other person to tell their story. When you’re self-absorbed, you tend to focus more on yourself. The tendency is for you to talk more about yourself, not allowing the other person to get a word in. That’s counterproductive, don’t you think? How can you get to know the other person when all you’re talking about is your life?

Prioritizing Appearances

Let’s admit that the initial trigger for someone to chat with another person when they are online dating is good looks. That’s how chats or online dating messages are initiated, but, in the long run, if you focus too much only on the outer appearance, you won’t make that much of a connection. This trait is unattractive because it makes people think that you’re superficial.

You’re Bossy

This trait can be a bit difficult to identify, but here’s a good way of telling. Answer this question: who has the last say about whatever? Is it you or your online date? For example, when you want to chat online again, who decides when the next meeting’s going to be? If you find yourself making most of the decisions, you could be showing off an unattractive trait without even knowing it. There shouldn’t be any pressure when you are online dating especially when you’re at a stage where you’re only getting to know each other and no commitments have been agreed upon. Take it easy!


This is probably the most unattractive trait that many online daters have identified. Let’s say you’re on Asian Date and you want to impress all the Asian women that come across your profile. So, you decide to make something up – a career, status, or a whole lifestyle. Remember that your white lies will catch up to you eventually. It’s pretty hard to sustain these kinds of white lies when you’ve been talking to someone online for a while. Think long and hard about whether you have these traits or not or how much you show them. Be honest with yourself and start with the process of making yourself better and more self-aware.

Bonus Tip: Even though this girl above maybe looks pretty and attractive, her smell wouldn’t be so appealing after smoking that cigar. So loose that nasty habit if you have it, your whole body will thank you, and you will most probably have more success with ladies.

For more of Asian Date’s online dating tips, check out more posts on our blog.

flirting rules AsianDate

Flirting Rules Asian Women Want You To Know

Do you know what most men forget when it comes to wooing Asian women? They forget to do it with respect. Winning women over is not easy to do, which may cause men who have been rejected to act out. But don’t forget that, rejection or not, respect should be your top priority. And to keep navigation as simple as possible we’ve prepared some flirting rules for you to follow.

Most Important Flirting Rules When Interacting With Asian Women

Now, this brings us to facts that a majority of men should be reminded of. Take note of these flirting rules because they might just earn you an Asian date.

Negging Does Not Work

Rule #1: do not neg. If you don’t know what negging is, it’s when a man says a backhanded compliment about a woman to make her think that she needs to impress the man. It’s sneaky, isn’t it? This pickup technique may work with non-Asian girls, but Asian women will just be annoyed, or, worse, offended.

What to do instead: Pay her a real compliment which has the better chance of making an impression.

Try Not To Bother Her In Public

If it’s evident that an Asian woman looks busy, looks like she’s doing something crucial, or looks like she doesn’t want to be bothered, you shouldn’t even approach her with your cheesy pickup lines.

What to do instead: Say hello when she’s not busy anymore – simple!

Do Not Insist When She’s Rejected You

You need to be the perfect gentleman who can still maintain his confidence when faced with rejection. Not all Asian women will respond positively, so you have to be ready. Do not insist on continuing when the Asian lady has already said no.

What to do instead: Smile and just walk away.

Believe us when we say that if an Asian woman is impressed with your pickup techniques, she will respond positively. Be respectful, be confident, and accept it when you are faced with rejection, and these are the basic flirting rules. There are a lot more tips for Asian women on our blog so make sure that you check out more of our posts.

emotional connection AsianDate

How to Flirt: Making an Emotional Connection

Whenever you flirt or chat with a date (either online or in person), it’s always important not to “interview” your match by asking too many consecutive questions. Instead, you should try to lead the conversation in a direction that will make the emotional connection between the two of you.

The Best Technique For Better Emotional Connection

There’s a simple technique for better connecting with a prospective partner on an emotional level: respond to the emotional content of what they say, rather than the factual content.

For example, if your match says: “I went skydiving once.”

An example of a fact-based response would be: “Cool. My friend is a professional skydiver.”

An example of an emotion-based response would be: “That’s great. I like when people are adventurous enough to step outside their everyday comfort zone. How did you feel right after you jumped?”

When your match tells you something about herself, she communicates both factual content (i.e. that she went skydiving) and emotional content (i.e. she is adventurous and loves fun). If you respond with a fact about yourself (especially one that “one-ups” her story), it won’t make her feel like you are connecting. If you acknowledge that she is trying to share an emotion and lead the conversation in that direction, the two of you will build a much deeper connection.

People can often get this wrong. When we speak to each other, competition is natural. It connects people to each other and establishes power relationships. But when couples do it to each other, it feels cold and disconnected.

Take a look at the following statements someone may write to you. What’s the fact-based response you could give? What’s the better, emotion-based response you could give?

Example 1: “I traveled all by myself once to Spain for two weeks.”

Example 2: “The last book I read was a novel about a woman who is torn between two men.”

Example 3: “My mother always tells me that I’m too impatient, and if I’m more patient I will get more of what I want.”

Practice this technique and you’ll find that your conversations leave both of you feeling more connected.

For more tips like this, visit the rest of our blog.