Travel Guide: Taipei (Part Two of Two)

Earlier this week, we showed you how to get the best view of Taipei by riding in a gondola, told you where to see some of the best art in Asia and gave you an insider tip on how to boost your financial circumstances just by visiting a temple. Now, we’re back with more. Read on for Part Two of our Taipei Travel Guide.

Jin Feng Lu Rou Fan

It’s a long name, we know. But take as long as you need to commit it to memory, because this is the one restaurant you need to hit in Taipei to get the ultimate taste of Taiwan. Perhaps the most renowned of all Taiwanese dishes, Lu Rou Fan is ground pork mixed with five-spice powder and soy paste, and this spot arguably serves the best in the city. A busy crowd is unavoidable, but that’s part of the ambiance. Soak it all in.

Beitou Hot Spring

Never been to a hot spring? This is a great place to start. Veteran of the hot spring experience? Awesome, you’ll fit right in. Taking a dip at a public bath is an experience you’ll probably never get in the Western Hemisphere, so seize the opportunity while in Taiwan. Here, the whole town is based around the hot spring experience: There’s a hot spring museum, and you can walk to just about anything in town from the bath. Make a day out of it!

Best Places to Stay

The Landis

Perhaps the best-regarded hotel in Taipei, the Landis is well-versed in providing guests with the utmost in luxury. The hotel regularly hosts weddings and other large-scale events, so you never have to doubt their excellence in hospitality. Even better, their concierge desk is dedicated to giving travelers an unmatched experience in Taipei.

The W

Frequent travelers won’t be surprised to see the W brand on this list. No matter where you are, you’re guaranteed to be treated like a king—and the Taipei location is of particular excellence. Located in the heart of cosmopolitan Taipei, the W offers quick access to top-notch dining, shopping, shows and clubbing. You’ll never be disappointed at the W.

Hotel Éclat


Looking for something a little more hip? Hotel Éclat’s got you covered without sacrificing any of the luxuries you’ve grown accustomed to in your international travels. Like the Landis and the W, the Éclat offers countless amenities and quick access to all the best that Taipei has to offer. Additionally, the intimate design and generous staff at the boutique hotel will make you feel like a number one priority.

Whether you’re looking to experience city-life or nature, history or modern design, fine dining or hot springs, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in Taipei. Remember, it’s a young city, and things move fast. Blink and you just might miss something.