Three Chinese Cars You’ll Wish You Could Drive Right Now

China may not be nearly as famous as its Japanese neighbour when it comes to auto manufacturing, but in recent years it’s started to churn out some cars that are worth checking out. Plus, if you’re a gearhead, you already know all the Japanese rides anyway. Here are three Chinese cars to get excited about test driving next time you take a trip East.

FAW Red Flag

1 red flag

If you ever get a chance to ride in one of these things, you’re the most important of VIPs. Red Flags are reserved for high-ranking government officials, and you’ll often see them decked out for parades. With a 5.9-liter V12 engine, this car backs up China’s political power with appropriately matching automobile power.

BYD Si Rui

2 si rui

Never say the Chinese aren’t aspirational: The “BYD” here stands for “Build Your Dreams.” The Si Rui, pronounced “suh ray,” is a mid-sized sedan that combines comfort and performance, making it a favored car among those in China’s upper-middle class. Billionaires are into it, too: Warren Buffett is a BYD investor.

Great Wall V240

3 great wall

Have you figured out by now that the Chinese give their cars awesome names? The Great Wall V240, a streamlined, 21st century pickup, is just another hit for Great Wall Motors. As the country’s largest producer of SUVs, Great Wall is the first place the Chinese turn when they’re looking for power. Just as you’d expect, the V240 delivers.

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