Asian Date | Thai Dating Tips: Strange Thai Habits You Need To Get Used To

Thai Dating Tips: Strange Thai Habits You Need To Know

One of the many Thai dating tips you’ll come across often is this: if you want to date a Thai lady, you have to get used to the Thai culture. How different can it be from yours, though? Adjusting yourself to a particular culture may sound easy, but it’s possible for you to have a hard time with it especially when you find a certain tradition or practice on a bit stranger side.

Thai Dating Tips: What Weird Habits Do Thai People Do?

Let’s start with habits because if you’re planning to jump into the Thai dating scene, you’ll encounter many of the habits we will mention on this list.

1. Feet Washing

When you come home with a Thai lady, observe what she does as soon as she enters her house. She will actually wash her feet. When you ask why Thai people will tell you that it is for them to feel clean. The feet, to Thais, are the dirtiest part of their bodies so when going inside, they have to wash all the grime that the dirtiest part of their bodies accumulated.

2. Shorts Under A Dress

Here’s one of the many interesting Thai dating tips you’ll read on this list. Did you know that Thai women are fond of wearing shorts underneath their dresses? Any dress, whether it’s body-fit, long or short, the perfect “undergarment” that goes with it is a pair of shorts. Women feel that wearing shorts will help them feel more assured that their actual underwear won’t be accidentally seen when the wind blows or when they go up the stairs. It’s kind of similar with men because they don’t really see boxers as undergarments. They wear actual briefs underneath their boxers.

3. On Repeat

How many Thai women have you talked to? Have you ever noticed them repeating every word you say and smiling as they do so? It’s common for all Thai people. It’s not to make fun of you. Thai people who do not speak English fluently tend to do this, so they have more time to construct a reply in their heads.

4. Foreigners Have Different Treatment

It won’t matter if you’ve lived in Thailand for years and have adapted to the culture, the language, and the tradition perfectly; if a Thai person sees you, he or she will automatically think that you do not know how things are done in Thailand.

If you’re out with a group of Thai people you just met, don’t be surprised if they don’t interact with you that much. Because of the previously mentioned things, they might feel that it would be a challenge to communicate with you.

Do you think you can adjust to these behavioral differences? Well, you have to if you want to date Thai women. For more Thai dating tips or Asian dating tips, check out our other posts on our blog.