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Tag Archives: Travel

The Haunted Hotels of Bangkok

Thailand hosts more than 27 million visitors a year, with many of them at least passing through the bustling capital city of Bangkok. Remarkably, large numbers of these visitors who stay in Bangkok hotels might end up encountering another kind of visitor: the paranormal kind.  …

Five of the Wildest Festivals in the Already-Wild Party Paradise of Thailand

Surin Elephant Festival

Thailand knows how to party. The tropical paradise has become a major recreation destination for both locals and tourists looking for incredible experiences. For a festival to stick out in such a party-packed environment, it must be absolutely incredible. Here are five of the wildest:…

Everything’s Bigger in Thailand, Not Texas!

It Turns Out Everything’s Bigger in Thailand, Not Texas!


The United States does most things big, and the expression about Texas holds true for cattle, land, and hairstyle height, but it turns out that Thailand holds the record for quite a few of the most random largest things in the entire world:

Wave Pool

Siam Park City is Asia’s biggest waterpark, providing massive water-based amusement under tropical palm tree shade.…

Destination: Dongchuan, China

It’s hard to believe there are geographical locales that have gone undiscovered until recent decades, particularly in a country as widely explored as China, but the Dongchuan Red Lands appear to be just that sort of recently discovered world gem.…