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Not Sure If You Had A Successful First Date? Here Are The Signs

Sometimes, we wonder if we really had a successful first date. You had fun, yeah, but was it really successful? Were both of you so happy about it that you would want to do it again? Yes, you can ask your date if you don’t feel awkward about it. But, if you are too scared or unsure, you can also just watch out for signs.

Your Successful First Date Would Have Looked Like This

Think back about everything that has transpired and see if you can spot the following signs that confirm your first date was successful:

1. How Your Conversation Went

One of the greatest signs of a successful first date is your conversation. While the first date is for “getting to know each other”, the conversation should also be meaningful. There is a delicate balance between talking and listening. When your date is talking, you should listen intently and vice versa. Both parties should feel comfortable talking. If you are getting sarcasm or interruptions while you are talking, then your date is not interested in you. If you are comfortable exchanging ideas, it’s a green for go.

2. Getting A Kiss

If you got kissed on your first date, that is a promising thing. There has been a lot of first dates that ended up in a kiss. However, not all good dates end in that. For some people, they wait it out because they want something deeper.

3. Exchange Of Contacts

If you hated the date, would you still exchange contact information? Of course not. You would just probably block that person, wherever app you met him or her. But if you like each other, it is just natural that you want to keep in touch so you will have to give your contact details so that you can plan the next outing.

4. If You Had Fun

Of course, a good date spells fun. If both of you did, then you would want to go out again so that you can experience the same thing. This is one of the best questions to ask: “I had a really great time. Did you have fun?”

5. Or, You Can Just Ask

If you are totally unsure of what went on, simply ask. If your date is not into you, then most probably, you will not get an answer.

While a successful first date can be pretty obvious, some people can still doubt what happened. So hopefully, these signs can help you. For more dating tips, make sure you read other posts on the blog.