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Signs Revealing Your Girl Is Unhappy And Hiding It

Sometimes we express how we feel openly, but other times we prefer to keep it all inside. For whatever reason, your partner may sometimes choose to bottle things up, and this is why you should always be alert for certain signs that your girl is unhappy even when she doesn’t tell you so.

Recognize The Signs That Your Girl Is Unhappy

If you are suspecting there might be something going on with your lady, these are the signs to look for to ascertain if your girl is unhappy and hiding it.

She abruptly stops arguments with no intention of continuing the conversation. If suddenly she seems disinclined to discuss relationship-related issues with you, it might be a sign that she has grown tired and doesn’t think that there is much chance of improvement. A constructive argument is preferable to not having an argument out of disappointment or apathy.

Her shoes-shopping mania has hit new heights. If she is suddenly spending a lot more on material goods, it may be a sign that she is looking for instant gratification because she is unhappy in her life. People who put too much value on goods are usually trying to make up for a void in their life. Plus, her new pair of boots doesn’t ask for much and it will never let her down.

She starts silly conversations when you are busy doing other things. Why is she suddenly interested in your cousin Julia who lives in Cincinnati, whom she’s never even liked much? Does she really want to discuss the differences between African and Asian elephants? Don’t be daft. Your girl is feeling lonely and ignored. If she is resorting to a silly conversation to get your attention, you need to step up your game and give her more time ASAP.

She has become distant and quiet. If she is not generally the lonely type, watch out for signs of her becoming less in the mood for conversation when you are out, or even seeking to spend more alone time. If you see a serious change in her behavior regarding these things, it might be time for a heart-to-heart.

If we all expressed our feelings clearly at all times, wouldn’t life be easier? This is not how relationships usually work, though, so it is good to be patient and ready to face even the sad fact your girl is unhappy. It is not a constant state, luckily, so the quicker you are in picking up the signs, the faster you can start working on the problem to bring the smile back on her face.

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