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What You Shouldn’t Do When You Date Someone Successful

There are some truths we need to accept, no matter how harsh they may be. One of them is that we are living in a fiercely competitive world, where even couples often argue about their values and priorities. To date someone successful may have its advantages, but it may also have various pitfalls.

When You Date Someone Successful, Look Out For These Things

In a very interesting video posted on Business Insider UK, Matthew Hussey, a dating expert and author of the New York Times’ bestseller ‘Get the Guy’ talks about the right way to date someone more successful than you, avoiding easy-to-make mistakes.

First of all, Hussey advises that you put things in the right perspective. He says, “We too often minimize our own purpose because we compare our earnings to somebody else’s. What we have to realize is: somebody may earn more but our time is just as precious.”

Don’t Play Second Fiddle

If we come to this realization, we are more likely to show ourselves the respect we deserve and not fall into the trap of thinking in a way that puts our dreams on the back burner and us in a position of playing second fiddle in our own lives. Yes, it is nice to date someone successful, but not to the detriment of our goals and aspirations. If you have a life goal or ambition, it is wrong to leave it behind for the benefit of your partner thinking that it’s not worthwhile to pursue it because it’s too small or insignificant. If it makes you happy, it is neither small nor insignificant.

Don’t Tolerate Disrespect

Another mistake one shouldn’t make when they date someone successful is to think their partner is entitled to act any way they please with the excuse of being too focused on making it big. Having a successful career is one thing, but being respectful, committed and considerate in your personal life is another. Don’t excuse bad behaviors under the pretense of stress/ tiredness/ long hours at the office. A successful person needs to distinguish their work from their personal life, and there need to be clear lines between the two.

In a nutshell, if you have been lucky enough to date someone successful, you should in no way be a burden to their success. In the exact same way, however, they should not be a burden to yours either. Do not let anyone tell you your dreams are insignificant or think you deserve to be some kind of supporting actor in your life; be the protagonist.

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