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One Factor You’re Overlooking When Finding Love

“Location, location, location” – you may or may not be familiar with this expression, but it’s commonly used when talking about a business or about real estate. These topics are far from dating, however, interestingly enough, the expression about location is significant when talking about finding love.

How Is Location Relevant to Finding Love?

Peter Jonason, senior lecturer in personality or individual differences at the University of Western Sydney, conducted new research along with other collaborators. The research aimed to:

  • Examine the habits of people looking for both short and long-term relationships.
  • Identify personality traits connected to the preferences of specific venues.
  • Discover gender differences when it came to venue preferences.

The participants of the research were students, 100 of them, 70% female and 30% male, ranging in age from 18 to 38. Surprisingly, a good number of the participants unanimously agreed on which venues people visit to find short and long-term relationships. Here’s a list of the results:


  • Class
  • Organizations
  • Religious
  • Work
  • Gym
  • Coffee shop
  • Volunteer groups
  • Neighborhood
  • Conferences
  • Park


  • Bar
  • Nightclub
  • Party
  • Dance Club
  • Beach
  • Wedding
  • Gym
  • Concert
  • Fraternity party
  • Neighborhood

Next, a different set of participants were required to answer a questionnaire that assessed different traits like narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism, honesty/humility, emotionality, extraversion, and so on. They were also asked to imagine going to the places on the list above and rate how likely they’re going to find a date at the venue.

Final Results

The numbers were calculated. The results showed that narcissism seemed to be the driving force for mating success in the list for short-term venues. At the same time, these narcissists may use short-term venues to look for long-term relationships. So what does that tell all of us today? One, if we don’t want to date a narcissist, we need to find love in the right places. Two, if all we’re looking for is short-term connections, we, now, have a good idea of where to find them.

Location Is Key Even In Finding Love

It’s strange to say but location is key, or at least one of them, in finding love. If you found this post interesting, please feel free to share it. Don’t forget to head to our blog to check out more of our posts, and don’t forget that, regardless of location, online dating is always a great way to look for love.