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Relationship Status Can Be A Number Of Things, It’s Time You Adjust

When you think of relationship statuses, you think of two – single or taken. But, today’s modern age has given birth to other forms of relationship states. The birthing of these new states seemed to have been triggered by online dating, dating apps, social media, and other new forms of meeting people. Which relationship status do you think yours falls under?

Choose Your Relationship Status Or Category

It’s interesting to observe that people now see themselves or see their relationship as more than just single or taken. The following new categories have been added to the mix:

Permanent Singledom

You might be asking yourself, “isn’t this status similar to just being single?” You’re right it is, but when you’re single you might still have the desire to date or meet new people. Permanent singledom is more of coming to terms with your single relationship status being permanent. You, likely, will not date anymore because your satisfied with just being with yourself.

Dating In Ranks

When you talk about this relationship status, think of it as ranking in the army. You have the General of the Army which is the highest rank, then comes General, then Lieutenant General. Dating in ranks means that your main source of romantic contact is the General of the Army. If the General of the Army isn’t available, you move to the General. If the General isn’t available, well, you get the picture.

You rank your dates based on your preferences. The date with the most “checks” on your list is ranked #1, then #2, and so on. #1 is priority, of course.

Part-Time Dating

So what does it mean to date part-time? You and your significant other see each other, but not often. Both of you have a mutual understanding, but you don’t follow the norms of conventional dating. You see each other whenever available, and you keep in touch as much as you see each other.

So now that you know these new statuses, do you now know which one your relationship falls under? We hope you found this interesting. We have more posts on the blog so make sure you check them out after reading this. Do share this article via email or social media.