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Your Gut Says She’s Cheating, Is It Right?

How many times has your gut been right on something? Even though we can’t really count the exact number of times, most of us would say that our gut has never let us down. That’s because, according to science, our gut has been a useful instrument for humans ever since the primitive times. But, fast forward to today, will it be accurate in terms of detecting if our partner is cheating? answers this question straight-forwardly.

Can Your Trust Your Gut When It Says “She’s Cheating”?

Let’s back track a little bit and go back to caveman times. As mentioned, our gut has been a useful tool, but most especially during this time. Based on scientific data, us humans used our gut to determine (quickly) if someone or something is on our side or not. In short, we used our gut for survival.

Today, we can’t rely on our gut for survival, most of the time, because, it’s not like we’re going to come across a T-Rex as we walk down the street. In the modern world, our guts have lost their accuracy.

Moments When Our Gut Is Wrong

For example, in an office setting, when you’re the hiring officer, you can’t really base your judgement on who to hire on your gut. There will be a couple of factors that will influence your decision. If a potential candidate came from the same school as you, your gut’s going to tell you that this person is part of your “tribe”.

Moments When Our Gut Is Right

Now, when it comes to relationships, our gut may be on to something. We mentioned that it has lost its accuracy, but we can still rely on our gut during certain situations. The main purpose of our gut feeling is to detect whether we are in danger or not. When in a relationship, if our partner’s behaviors have changed, our gut may be smelling something fishy. A change in behavioral patterns indicate that something is up. Just a gentle reminder, your gut won’t say “She’s cheating! She’s cheating!”, but what it will say is that something is not quite right.

It’s up to you whether you act on your gut feeling or not, of course. But, the safest way around this feeling is to confront your partner and talk to him or her personally about the changes. For more tips, you can check out our blog here.