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The Use Of These Words Will Make You Seem Weak In Dating

Despite the fact that looks are a very important thing when it comes to attracting someone’s attention and favor, there is no doubt that how we speak is crucial to keeping that attention and to form a certain image of ourselves. AsianDate presents the words that make you seem weak in dating even though you don’t realize it.

These Are The Words To Use Less If You Don’t Want To Look Weak In Dating

Would you choose to be with someone who’s unreliable and weak? If you’re using the following words in your everyday speech, you may be coming across as an undependable person who lacks confidence. Check them out and think about the number of times you may be using them every day.


Unless you are very much in a hurry, it’s not OK to just say OK to someone’s question. Think about your girlfriend asking you “How do I look in this dress?” Do you think OK would be an acceptable answer? What if someone asked a girl about you “How do you feel about him?” and she replied “He’s OK”; would that be enough? Simply saying OK could be perceived as a sign of indifference, boredom, or even aggression.


Filler words are the kind of meaningless words we use in order to ‘steal’ some time to think as we speak. Words such as “uh” and “like” tend to pepper our speech and make us seem weak. The solution is to take some time to think about what you want to say before you start talking. This way, you won’t bore your listeners and avoid seeming scatterbrained.


Being able to recognize when you’re mistaken and to apologize when you have wronged someone are signs of magnanimity and maturity. However, if you constantly feel the need to apologize it could be a sign of low self-esteem and suffering from inferiority complex. Consider when and how you take the blame for things and minimize the instances you say ‘sorry’ to when you really are at fault.

May/Might/ Could/ Would/Perhaps/ Maybe

Modal verbs and other words expressing uncertainty make the speaker seem tentative, hesitant, unsure, or unknowledgeable. People are not really attracted to or inspired by someone who doesn’t seem to know what they’re talking about exactly. Sure, it’s fine to sometimes use these words, but as a whole, you should make an effort to detract them from your speech, especially when you’re not that unsure of something.

We hope that AsianDate has helped you understand how certain things you say makes you seem weaker and less assertive than you are. Be more confident, and you will see how people will be more inspired by you and how they will be more willing to trust you and value your opinion.

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