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Why Summer Fling Is The Best With One Of These Girls

Who doesn’t love a summer fling? Summer flings are carefree, passionate, fun, adventurous and full of promise. If you feel like falling in love this summer, these are the types of girls you should definitely have it with.

Enjoy Your Summer Fling With These Types of Girls

If this year you are all about living the summer fling experience, good for you. Even better, why not make the most of it by meeting one of these types of ladies?

The Adventurous Type

Are you too scared to go skydiving or wishing you had someone to go scuba diving with? This is your chance to try out new things, to experience unforgettable adventures you’ll tell your kids about, and bond with the kind of fearless, thrill-seeking girl who will blow your mind. The adventurous girl may not be someone you can continue your relationship with back in the hectic and mundane reality of city life, but she’ll definitely give you something to remember during those cold winter months.

The Deep-Thinker Type

You will meet her in the library as she looks for her favorite social psychologist’s new book and she will take you on a date to a political talk. You will spend your nights talking about Trump’s administration, global warming and how your childhood has defined your romantic relationships. You will admire her even as you disagree and you’ll fall in love with her passion for making a better world. Your love-making will be as fiery as your disagreements on the most controversial issues, but she may be too involved in her own thing to turn your summer fling into a serious relationship.

The Liberated Type

She’s the type of girl who loves fun and devotes her life in pursuing it. She will take you out dancing till you drop and you’ll drink so much you won’t remember how you found yourself sleeping on the beach in the morning. She’ll tempt you into skinny dipping in the moonlight and make you feel like you are 18 years old again – only crazier. Enjoy the breath of fresh air this girl will bring to your life and smile as you remember her in your office in December.

The Artistic Type

If you’re not the kind of guy who enjoys nothing more than art festivals, exhibitions and museums, the artistic type of girl may open up your eyes to a whole new world. You’ll be intrigued by her quirky view of things, you’ll fall in love with her as she’s playing her guitar under the stars, and your summer will be full of new colors, sounds, and feelings. If you don’t know a thing about Monet, think jazz music is just a bunch of people playing their instruments randomly and that Bauhaus was just an 80s band, get ready for an explosion of your senses when you have a summer fling with an arty girl.

Whether you are after one of these types of girls for your summer fling or she just happens to come your way, one thing is for sure: this is going to be a hot, exciting and unforgettable summer.

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