Possible Reasons Why You’re Still Dreaming About Your First Love

Do you still dream about your first love? A majority of us still do, so you’re not alone. Often times, we interpret our dream as a sign that we were truly meant to be with the person. It’s a romantic idea but, in reality, there may be other reasons why we’re still dreaming about the first person who stole our heart.

The Truth Behind Dreaming About Your First Love

It’s true that the first ever person we love will never be forgotten. No matter how many relationships we get into, we still won’t forget the person’s existence. Experts say that it may be because our first love is the strongest love we will ever experience. Could this be the reason why there are still some of us that dream about our first love? It’s possible. Here are other reasons why:

1. You, subconsciously, want your worth to be acknowledged.

Did you have your first love when you were in your teen years? If yes, then that would have made your passion more intense. At some point, if the person did not acknowledge you and you had a bad breakup, you may still want recognition, at the back of your head.

2. You’re projecting your ex onto your current partner.

If your ex hurt you or cheated on you (for example), it’s possible that you’re dreaming about the person because you’re fearful that your current partner may do the same thing to you. In psychology, this is called projection. Your current partner may not be the type who will hurt you in the same way your ex did, but because you already have that scar you resort to projection.

3. You still have unresolved issues.

You have to consider that your dream may be because you have been wanting closure from the person for a long time. Many of us are not aware of this desire, but it’s possible that our subconscious is telling us through our dreams.

We may not forget the person we first loved, but our dreams may have more of a scientific interpretation rather than a romantic one. It’s best to understand how you feel and assess your dreams from a realistic standpoint. Do you want more tips like this? Click here to visit our blog.