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Navigating Through Your First Valentine’s Together

You’re a new couple and you don’t quite know how you can approach your first Valentine’s together. You may not even be sure if celebrating Valentine’s is an option or not. This is common in new relationships where it has just been a couple of weeks or months since you started dating. What do you do?

How To Approach Your First Valentine’s Day

It’s cliche to say, but communication is still key. The first thing that you do is ask whether Valentine’s is worth celebrating or if it’s too early. Of course, you don’t want to ask the question flat out. A better technique would be to ask for an opinion. For example:

  • “Valentine’s Day is approaching. What do you think about going out to dinner?”
  • “What do you think about Valentine’s?”

Whatever your new partner answers, it should give you a good idea of what their thoughts are on February 14th. If your new love says that he or she likes it, you better think up good date ideas. If your new love says that it’s one big commercial plot, then skip it.


Let’s say your new partner does want to celebrate your first Valentine’s together. What are you going to give as a gift? A card will do since the relationship is new. There are plenty of options in the market. Go for a card that’s not too mushy and deep. Keep it light.

Another great gift idea is flowers. Yes, it’s common, but go for ones that you have handpicked yourself. The hand-picking adds a personal touch to the gift.

Reminder: The gift you’re going to give represents your future thoughts on the relationship. You have to be careful. You don’t want to give a ring early on.


There are a couple of choices that you can go for in terms of knowing what to do during V-day when your relationship is new. You can try cooking together – this is always a good option. Or, you can go watch a movie at the cinema. You could also go out for drinks.

Navigating through your first Valentine’s won’t be a problem anymore with these tips. Just remember to keep it light and communicate by asking opinions. For more tips about relationships, read more posts on our blog.