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How to Plan a Perfect Date With Asian Woman

Been dating Asian women online and decided that the time has finally come to meet up? You’ve come to the right place, because today we’re going to help you plan your perfect date with an Asian woman in a very short time.

Your Perfect Date Equals Perfect Destination

Asia is full of exotic, exciting dating destinations, and Asian women tend to be fun-loving and vibrant. A perfect combo!

Plan a trip to any or all of these locations, and you are almost certain to have a good time.

In China

If you find yourself in Shanghai, plan a romantic evening stroll along the Bund. Full of architectural beauty and lit up like the holidays every night, this is the city’s most beautiful downtown walk.

In Beijing, after spending whimsical afternoon flying kites together outside the Forbidden City in Tiananmen Square, consider a romantic dinner at the upscale Courtyard Restaurant nearby.

In Japan

Whether you and your date are more adventurous or more bookish, there are plenty of options for fun dates in Japan.

Whether it’s strolling through the historical sites in Kyoto, gallery hopping in Naoshimasento skiing in Hokkaido, one thing is certain: you will never be bored.

In South Korea

Though Seoul is romantic and beautiful in its own right, we recommend that you visit Jeju Island, one of the most beautiful and popular of Korea’s 33 most beautiful islands.

Since this is a popular and coveted vacation destination for most South Koreans, not only will your lady will love you for your choice, but she might also be able to offer unexpected insider tips once you’ve arrived!

Remember that this list is not meant to be exhaustive. There are definitely a myriad more options for fun, exotic dating locales in Asia, and that you’re missing out on quite a bit of excitement the longer you put off your visit to these countries.

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