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This Is Why Phubbing Is Threatening Our Relationships

Have you ever wondered whether your fascination with the social media is an impediment to your personal happiness? Phubbing, a word that describes how we snub our partners to check out our social media accounts, refers to one of the worst habits many of us have, unfortunately, adopted.

Is Phubbing Really So Bad?

In one word: yes. Once upon a time, access to computers and the internet was restricted at work or on our home desks, but in the past few years, smartphones have changed the game completely.

Today, our smartphones have – quite literally – become the extension of our hands, accompanying us wherever we go, 24/7. This is how the term “phubbing”, a fusion of “phone” and “snubbing”, came to being. How dangerous is ignoring your partner for your mobile phone screen, though?

When Both Partners Phub

When you go out, to a restaurant for instance, you no longer see people engaging in deep conversation. Most of the time, one (or both) of the partners will be unashamedly ignoring the other, choosing to check out what’s new on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds instead.

This is, of course, detrimental to a couple’s communication, as it makes the time spent together a superficial experience and hardly something you’d call “quality time”. How can you actively participate in a meaningful discussion if you or your partner are constantly distracted by the incessant bleeping sound of the notifications arriving on your smartphones?

When Only One Of The Partners Is Phubbing

In the cases of just one of the partners being addicted to his/her mobile, a feeling of deep resentment for being so blatantly ignored soon emerges, making the partner who is more invested in spending quality time with his/her other half lose patience and, eventually, interest.

Be Smart, Keep Your Smartphone Away

While modern technology has brought us closer in so many ways, making our world a smaller place and giving us the chance to connect with each other in a more direct and fast manner, it should be handled with care. Phubbing is a prime example of how abusing an amazing means of communication can have destructive effects on our personal life. One word of advice from us, on AsianDate: next time you are out with your girl, be smart and keep your smartphone in your pocket.

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