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Myths About International Online Dating

What’s stopping you from trying out international online dating? One main reason is probably the rumors or myths that you’ve heard. There are plenty of stories on the internet and accessing them is as simple as typing the word “scam”.

The truth is not all of them are true, and this post is all about debunking those myths. Get your notes ready because you’re going to want to remember the things found on this list. Hopefully, by the end of the list, you can change your mind about the whole international online dating deal.

You Can Forget About These Things While International Online Dating

Myth #1: You’re a loser when you date online.

Admit it or not, the majority of the population these days still thinks that men or women who online date are unattractive slobs who cannot get dates offline. On the contrary, there are plenty of good-looking, physically attractive people who prefer online dating. Even celebrities like Lily Allen, Adelle, and Halle Barry have been known to have used online dating at some point in their lives. Here’s another point: have you seen Russian ladies that sign up to online dating sites? Do they look like unattractive slobs to you? Have you seen the beautiful Asian women who also sign up to popular Asian dating websites? Do they, too, look like what was described in the myth?

Myth #2: They’re all SCAMMERS and GOLD-DIGGERS.

The truth is, you’ll find a few scammers and gold-diggers in the online dating world, especially nowadays. It’s unavoidable because there will always be people in this world who will take advantage of other people. The trick is to find a lovely lady and then get to know her. You can then watch out for red flags as you talk and get to know each other. Always be alert, but you shouldn’t close yourself on the idea of finding someone over the internet just because of minor setbacks like scammers.

Myth #3: All the ladies are after is a Green Card.

Again, it’s just like what was said with scammers and gold-diggers. There are some who have insincere intentions. There will always be people like that, and you might even have some around you right now. The point is, you shouldn’t assume that a lady who’s willing to meet foreign men through international online dating is only after a Green Card. There are plenty of stories out there of internet couples whose relationships have stood the tests of time and difficulty. Go ahead and Google it!

Myth #4: Age matters!

Who told you that age matters with international online dating? If you check out what most ladies’ profiles on AsianDate say, you’ll realize that a lot of foreign women want someone who’s more mature. If you’re worried about your age, you shouldn’t be. You might just be surprised at the responses you get from ladies.

Myth #5: Translation Blues

Probably, most foreign men tend to shy away from international online dating because of the whole language barrier deal. Many view it as an obstacle, and it is true that a lot of foreign ladies do not speak English fluently. Their English might be on a level that’s understandable when chatting or talking on the phone, but may not be enough to really express themselves. It’s not a problem because, if you like someone that much, there’s always language classes for either you or your lady. There are also translating services that a lot of online dating sites offer.

Now that you know the truth behind all of these five myths, has your mind changed about online dating? We hope so. Don’t forget to share this post with a friend who’s thinking twice about trying online dating out.