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What You Need To Know About Asian Culture Before You Start Dating

In the modern age of routine global contact and international awareness, you might think that society is becoming more and more homogenized. It is a small world, after all, isn’t it? Happily, though, we haven’t become “all alike”, and there are still some cultural differences. So if you are planning to date an Asian woman, there are things you should be aware of in Asian culture.

Don’t Be Ignorant About These Things In Asian Culture

Dating someone from a different culture can be a wonderfully eye-opening experience. Asia, in particular, offers a rich tapestry of customs, cuisine, and culture. As you head to Asia for your date, or even if you stay in and date someone from Asia, be aware of these Asian culture facts.

Gender Roles

Gender roles are traditionally more defined than they are in the West. The man is expected to provide while the women are supporters of the man. This doesn’t mean that men are expected to dominate the women.

On the contrary, the atmosphere is to be one of mutual respect. In dating, men should be prepared to take on the traditional role of provider. Don’t ask her to pay for anything! (Yes, some men still think that is acceptable in the West, but that’s a guaranteed way to have a short date in Asia).

Celebrations and Get-togethers

Many Asian cultures have a lot of yearly celebrations. Children, both adult and younger, are expected to be part of those celebrations with the family. You will be expected to join the festivities, so don’t be afraid to ask questions about the event. Many people are more than happy to explain their celebrations and the history behind them!

The Importance of Family

You can expect to be brought home to meet the parents. Parents in many Asian families still have a degree of say in who their children date, an echo of an older time when any potential date was also a potential mate.

Though some things have changed and you probably won’t need a parental nod of approval, you might still get to meet your date’s parents. Remember to be respectful, as many Asian cultures hold the older generations in higher esteem than people in the West.

Long-Term Thinking

Dating is not the casual affair in Asia that it in the West. While many Asians have had enough exposure to the West to understand the Western concept of dating, the traditional approach is to think about dating in the longer-term. One-time dates are simply not a staple of the Asian social scene.

Although there’s not much difference in the actual date itself, culture has a very strong influence on the dating process. You and your date will be from different cultures, and your date will understand that as much as you do. Being respectful of your date’s culture will help keep things going smoothly between you. This could lead to a wonderful long-term relationship, and you will both be richer for the experience.

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