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Love Bombing Is Ruining Everything About Dating

If you have bever heard of love bombing, it probably means that it has never happened to you during your entire dating life. And, that’s a good thing! With all the negative dating trends it would be nice to avoid one or two when you are looking for love online or offline.

Can Love Bombing Be Avoided?

Before we go any further, we need to know what love bombing is and how it happens. So, here’s a scenario: you met someone totally wonderful (either online or offline). Quickly, you hit it off. You start talking about different aspects of life. You, then, receive small gifts from the person, and it may even be possible that you take trips together.

You do and your date, haven’t made things official yet, but you feel like this is really it. Because everything is going great, you think that becoming an official couple will happen sooner. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t. What does end up happening is your potential partner telling you that he or she just wants to keep things casual.

What Just Happened?

If you have ever experienced something like this, then you have been love bombed. It’s just like how the term is. Your potential partner is bombarding you with gestures of love. According to experts, it may be because the person is expressive, or he or she just wants to reap the perks of a relationship without actually committing to a person.

You have to understand, just because you were love bombed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your potential partner has another person on the side. It’s possible that the person has, of course, but it’s also possible that the person just has severe commitment issues.

Avoid Love Bombing

Is it really possible for you to avoid this dating trend? The answer is yes and no. When you are clear to your partner from the get-go, then maybe you’ll be able to avoid being love bombed. For example, as soon as you meet someone interesting, you tell him or her that you only want to have serious relationships and that you have no time to date around.

On the other hand, the person you are talking to could just lie and then just drop a bomb on you towards the end. The lesson here is simple. If you truly want to find someone true, you have to be transparent right from the start. Don’t allow your emotions to get the best of you. Take things slowly. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.