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Borderline Cheating Behaviors That You Should Know About Today

When you are in a serious relationship, you have to be careful about how you act. Most couples are not aware, but they can actually do borderline cheating behaviors that could be detrimental to their relationship. You see, cheating isn’t just about being physically intimate. It can constitute a slew of different behaviors too.

Borderline Cheating Behaviors You’re Not Aware You’re Doing

You may not be very particular about how your partner acts, but there are people who do, especially the ones who have had their trust broken in the past. So, just to be on the safe side, whichever you prefer, you have to see if you’re doing borderline cheating behaviors that can affect your dating life or relationship negatively:

1. You’re not being honest about who you are hanging out with.

Why would you hide who you are hanging out with? Of course, this depends on the context, but generally, when one person in the relationship doesn’t want their partner to know who they are hanging out with, it means that they are hiding something or that they are hanging out with people they’re not supposed to.

2. You’re not upfront about your relationship with others.

Again, if you are in a committed relationship, why would you hide it from the people around you? Saying that you re single to the people you meet is just something that’s considered below the belt. If the topic of your relationship status doesn’t come up, then fine. You don’t have to announce it. But, if it does come up, and you deny that you are in a relationship, then it’s a red flag.

3. Bad-mouthing your partner is borderline cheating behavior.

When you have an argument with your significant other, it is okay to talk about it to your friends. If you’re close with your co-workers, then it’s alright too. However, if you say a lot of bad things about your partner to those around you, it might be an indication that you don’t want to fix the issues you have with the person anymore. You just dislike your partner altogether.

So, why are all of these gestures considered borderline cheating behaviors? What they all have in common is that they do not respect the relationship. As a couple, you are supposed to work things out and be honest in the relationship. Plus, all of these gestures do not work towards repairing something that needs fixing. There may not be physical intimacy involved, but these acts still weigh the relationship down. For more dating updates and tips, read other posts on the blog.