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Apparently The Length Of Your Ring Finger Tells A Lot About Your Ideal Woman

We have all encountered different studies that could help us in our relationships or help us in finding love. There’s a study about specific scents that attract the opposite gender. There’s also another study about wearing red in your profile pictures to increase your attractiveness. Well, this new study has something to do with a man’s fingers and his ideal woman.

Does This Study Hold Clues About Your Ideal Woman?

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences says that men with longer ring fingers are likely to end up with a certain type of woman. Males whose ring fingers are longer than their index fingers end up with women who have the classic hourglass figure.

The Researchers

The Jagiellonian University Medical College in Krakow, Poland, conducted the study. They examined the hands of 50 men who are in long-term relationships. Researchers discovered that men with longer ring fingers were four times more likely to be partnered with women who have with small waists and bigger breasts.

How Did This Happen?

Researchers could only formulate theories. The length of the ring finger could be caused by a burst of male hormones while still in the womb. They believed that pre-natal conditions have an effect on the likelihood of males choosing females who are “attractive”. The results mentioned studies that say the first things men see in a woman are her waist and breasts. These features give a man’s brain information about a woman’s fertility.

What Does This Information Tell Us?

As always, the results are inconclusive but this study tells us something very important. Our attractiveness to specific people could be a result of the inner workings of our body. It could also be a result of our environment (how we were brought up, our current living conditions, what we see on TV). Or, it could be a combination of both.

However you choose to view the study, it seems that dating has a more scientific underlying than we think. For more interesting studies and articles on finding love on and off the internet, read more posts on our blog.