Asian Date: Have You Ever Tried To Go On A Zero Date?

Asian Date: Have You Ever Tried To Go On A Zero Date?

Most of you who are reading this now are probably not familiar with a zero date. The simplest way to explain it would be to paint a scenario. There are typically two types of online daters – those who are traditional, and those whose moves are a bit more unique. The first type of online dater mentioned goes on a first date while the other goes on a zero date. Let this Asian Date article be your guide to zero dating.

Asian Date: Why Going On A Zero Date Can Be Ideal

Traditionally, we date online in this sequence: encounter an interesting profile, chat with the person on the profile, meet the person in real life (first date), meet the person again (second date), and the sequence goes on until the relationship becomes full-blown.

When you go on a zero date, it’s different. The process is similar, but the zero date comes before the first one. Basically, people go on a zero date to gauge the person they met through the internet. Zero dates aren’t official dates yet. They’re like trial dates to see if there’s actual chemistry. It’s true that two people who met online can hit it off and chat the night away. However, the story can be totally different when the same two people meet face to face.

How To Go On A Zero Date

To go on a zero date, you need to plan a meeting that’s casual and laid back. This is what zero dates are. They’re supposed to be comfortable and just relaxed. You, then, ask the person you’re interested in out to meet. Both of you need to agree that it’s just going to be a zero date or trial date.

The two people going on it merely need to talk, with no obligations. When this has been achieved without any awkwardness, a real date can take place.

In terms of where one can take a potential partner on a zero date, there are plenty of places. Just think about a public, yet quiet, place where you can get to know someone. We at Asian Date suggest a café. A park can also be a good place to go to.

Whether you think that a zero date is a good idea or not depends on you. Either way, you still need to get to know a person in real life and not just base your impressions on your online interaction. For more Asian Date tips on dating, read more posts on our blog.