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Jobs That Online Daters Are Most Interested In

Online dating has been the go-to method for many people to find love and companionship. Despite this, we should all remember that it’s not just a simple search that can land you a lifetime partner. Online daters have their criteria on who to connect and have that date with. New research indicates that one of the major appeals of most online daters is their career choices.

Online Daters’ Top Picks For Attractive Career Choices

We all have our preferences when it comes to the jobs we’d like our future partners to have. Our preferences can vary, of course, since we all have different interests and goals. Despite this, one online research gathered data from around 5,000 participants to find out the most attractive career or job positions.

It has been reported that male online daters prefer hairdressers, nurses, entrepreneurs, teachers, and even lawyers. These are the men’s top five picks. On the opposite end, women tend to check out profiles or go out on dates with men who are writers, chefs, engineers, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, or artists.

What If You Are None Of The Above?

This is a great question! Not all of us hold top-level jobs that were included in the top five picks of both genders. But, a carefully worded profile with a decent looking photo will get you leads.

For example, women like artists according to the study. But, there are many kinds of artists. You can be a performing artist, a visual artist, or a makeup artist. Creativity and probably temperament are what appeals to the ladies, and not just the job itself. Try to show your creative side on your dating profile to better your chances.

For women, you don’t have to tell a white lie and say that you are a nurse even though you work at a cafe. What men like with nurses is probably their ability to care for people. Highlight this trait in your online dating profile. Do you get the idea?

What The Results Say About Online Daters

To put it simply, the results of the mentioned research shows that we all have our preferences. However, our preferences are not the be-all, end-all. There’s more to us than our jobs or careers. If we don’t hold a CEO position, what we can show is our leadership and ambition, for example. For more tips about dating online, check out the rest of our posts on our blog.