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The Most Important Relationship Firsts All Women Notice

You know how women like to celebrate the more subtle things and pay attention to details that generally go under most guys’ relationship radars? Well, don’t get caught unaware. We’re here to help you recognize the key relationship firsts she will definitely care about.

Surprise Her By Recognizing These Relationship Firsts

We’re not talking about first dates or the first kiss. Take your relationship game up a notch and raise the bar by recognizing these cute-and-subtle relationship firsts before even she does.

The first time you held her hand

You may think the first important milestone is the first kiss, and we’re not saying it isn’t important, but be sure that when you held her hand for the first time she felt chills down her spine. A romantic and quite innocent thing such as hand-holding was the first moment of intimacy. For her, it sure meant a lot.

The first time she introduced you to her folks

A moment that is full of fear for you is an exciting moment for her. When we’re in love, girls can’t wait to introduce their loved one to their family, seeking their approval and acceptance. Even when you’re not sure you like them, remember to be a gentleman and try your best for her. She will notice.

The first time you hung out with her friends

Similarly to her parents, perhaps even more importantly, she will be eager to introduce you to her mates. When you have met them and get to hang out together and have a good time with them, she will absolutely love the experience of having you all there. Make a good impression on her friends and make her the happiest girl ever.

The first movie you saw

This is a first you may not pay much attention to, but she definitely will. The first film you get to see together – whether at home or at the cinema – is a milestone she will expect you to remember when you are gray and old.

The first time you attended a social event as a couple

Being a couple that goes out for dinners and drinks is one thing, but being the guy who accompanies her at her cousin’s wedding or Christmas office party is another. Women like the feeling of making things official, and it’s an unwritten rule that when you accompany a girl to a social event, you are serious about her.

You may think that paying attention to these subtle relationship firsts is daft, but taking the time to understand how ladies think and how they appreciate moments in your relationship might, indeed, make you enjoy some of these moments more yourself.

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