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How To Be A Gentleman In 2020

Some might say that being a gentleman or acting gentlemanly are things of the past, but few things are more misguided than thinking that. It’s not only the positive impact it has on the ladies, being a gentleman is a way of life – not a forced attitude – that will significantly improve your life too.

Simple Ways To Be A Gentleman Every Day

The best thing about being a gentleman is that it is not hard to achieve or too complicated. In reality, it’s the simplest, most subtle, things that matter when it comes to your everyday conduct and interaction with others. Here are some basic rules with which to begin.

Be polite. Whether it is with people you know, like friends and family, or complete strangers, like waiters and shop assistants, being polite is an absolute must. Saying your ‘pleases’ and ‘thank yous’ and not forgetting to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ is rule #1 for any self-respecting person – man or woman – really.

Don’t bring negative energy. Everyone has problems these days, from financial troubles to a bad situation at home or in the office. Whining about your issues all the time and making everyone feel awkward won’t solve anything. All it will do is to bring people around you down and subconsciously either make them hang out because they pity you or avoid you because they can’t stand the extra load you bring to their already burdened lives.

No politics or religion. Two of the most sensitive and potentially offensive issues of all time are politics and religion. Most of us may have our strong opinions on one or both of them, but voicing them in front of a bunch of people we barely know, or in conversations with people who are less interested in them or completely disagree with our views, is just wrong. Not talking about politics and religion is not a sign of not caring, it is the exact opposite.

Put the mobile phone away. With so many things in our lives done through our mobile phones, it is easy to get carried away and use ours in the company of others. However, it is inexcusable to do so, unless it’s a matter of real emergency. Put yourself in the place of the person talking to you. They are trying to tell you something while you’re staring at your mobile phone screen or typing something. Such behavior is impolite and disrespectful, so next time you’re with company, keep your mobile in your pocket.

Don’t forget your manners online. We’ve already talked about being polite in the company of others, but it is equally important to remember your manners online. Even though you may not be looking in the eyes of the person you’re communicating with, they still have feelings and deserve your respect. Don’t offend, make fun of, lie, or blatantly avoid a person just because you can’t see their face.

Respect people’s space. Not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Don’t push people to talk more than they are comfortable talking, do things they don’t feel like doing or be things they are not ready to be. Knowing how to actively improve others without being pushy or assuming you know what’s good for them is a gift that gentlemen have naturally (or work towards having).

Take care of your appearance. Dressing according to the occasion (no sweatpants on a dinner date, for instance), keeping yourself clean and well-groomed are essential parts of a gentleman’s appearance and way of life. When you take care of yourself, it means that you love yourself and respect your date or company enough to show your best.

Ladies first. A big misconception that comes with female emancipation is that doing certain things for women is outdated.  On the contrary, opening the door for a lady, pushing her chair in at a restaurant or holding her coat for her to wear are all habits any man should have. The two genders may be equal, but it’s nice to keep some roles separate too.

The basic rules of how to be a gentleman are really simple, and the most important thing is to get the basic idea of what it means to be one. Once you do, it will all come to you naturally.

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