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How To Fight Anxiety And Have Fun In Your Relationship

As amazing as intimate relationships can be, it is an undeniable fact that we can’t (and shouldn’t) transform into something different to who we are. We can (and should) however, make a conscious and active effort to battle our demons and become the best possible version of ourselves.  If you are the kind of person who stresses over everything, here are some tips that will help you fight anxiety and enjoy a better relationship.

The Best Ways To Fight Anxiety In Your Relationship

All relationships have issues sometimes and when anxiety kicks in, it can be a real challenge seeing things positively and having a good time. It is hard, but it is feasible. Here’s how.

Find Out Where It’s Coming From

As with all problems, the first step to dealing with them is finding out their root causes. Is anxiety an integral part of your personality that’s been with you all along, is it triggered by your low self-esteem, or could something in your relationship be the cause of it? If, for instance, you are in an emotionally or otherwise abusive relationship, it may be the exact reason why you can’t feel relaxed in it.

Let Your Partner Know How You Feel

Share your thoughts and worries with your partner. Let them in on what’s on your mind as long as you feel comfortable doing so, as this will help them figure out where some of your seemingly inexplicable behavior is coming from.

Let Your Partner Know You Can Be There For Her Too

Sometimes our partners hesitate to open up when they know we’re the kind of people who stress out easily, for fear of burdening us further with their own issues. However, a strong relationship needs to be based on mutual trust and honesty, so she needs to know you can be relied on, no matter what.

Learn To Prioritize

When you’re in an anxious state, it is easy to confuse smaller problems for big ones. Take a deep breath and write down the things stressing you out. Next to each of these things, put a rating number from 1-5, ranging from very serious to slightly serious. You will be surprised by how many of them are insignificant and solvable.

Then, list them from the most to the least pressing ones and think of the ways you can deal with them. If you need instant gratification, you can begin by solving one of the least serious ones, but then make it your business to deal with the most important ones.

Give Yourself Time And Personal Space

Personal space is crucial in relationships, so if you feel like you need some, don’t be afraid to ask for it. Take deep breaths and allow yourself the necessary time to put your thoughts in order and relax. Decisions made under pressure and stress are hardly ever good decisions, so your partners will most probably appreciate and respect your need to pull yourself together.

Find What Makes You Happy And Pursue It With A Passion

As you come to terms with your fear, insecurities, and priorities, don’t forget that having fun is more important than anything else; it’s what life should be about. Find out what makes you smile, give yourself the luxury of doing it and combine it with your partner. Make happy memories together and bond over the positive experiences you share.

Anyone who says it’s simple to fight anxiety has probably never had to do it. However, simply wallowing in the pains of having an anxious disposition will only make things worse, pushing your relationship to breaking point, making it drift into something widely unpleasant and painful. Instead, you should deal with the issue by drawing on your inner resources, prioritizing and enlisting the help of your partner in order to see life from a more positive and stress-free angle.

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