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This Is The Dating Trait You Need To Have To Be A Keeper

We often wonder what it takes to be a good date. Of course, the basics are mandatory. You have to be kind, considerate, be polite, and behave accordingly. However, there’s one dating trait that will set you apart from everybody else. This trait will make your date think you are a keeper.

You’ll Be Surprised At How Simple This Dating  Trait Is

We are faced with so many everyday situations where we are required to make decisions. At the end of the day, we are mentally exhausted. We don’t want to think about anything else anymore. We’d rather simplify things at the end of the day. When it comes to dating, we are hoping for the same. Most of us wish that we only had to look for one dating trait for us to know if the person is a keeper. The good news is that is actually true, we only have to see if the person is genuinely curious.

Why Curiosity?

Of all the dating traits we have on our list, why do we have to watch out for curiosity above all? Well, think about it. When a person is naturally curious about people, this will drive him or her to ask questions to you. Of course, you’ll answer in return. So, this creates a cycle of exchange that a lot of people appreciate. Through this cycle, communication and a deeper connection are established.

When it comes to being in a relationship with a curious person, he or she will always ask, “What do you need?” or “What’s up with you today?” Compare that when you are with someone who isn’t curious at all. You’ll likely observe:

  1. That the person doesn’t care too much about knowing how you function.
  2. That the person is progressing slowly because he or she also doesn’t care about knowing him or herself.
  3. Their lack of insight will not be helping the relationship in reaching the same goal.

You never want to be with a person who doesn’t have the mentioned dating trait. By extension, you should also be more curious about the people you’re interested in. Start today, whether you are dating online or offline. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.