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You’re More Than A Friend If You Spot These Signs

When you’re dating a person you’re really attracted to, you’re naturally going to want to be in a relationship with that person ASAP. Of course, this won’t happen right away because your date needs to gauge you out. But, the worst that can happen is when your date doesn’t like you romantically. How can you tell if he or she likes you as more than a friend?

More Than A Friend And A Suitable Romantic Partner

We have all gone through situations in our dating lives when we get mixed signals from people. Is your date interested in your romantically? Or, does your date only see you as a friend? In any case, all of us have to practice awareness:

Frequent Calls

Whether you are dating online or offline, the first sign that you should watch out for is how frequently you talk to each other. When your calls or chats become more frequent, it’s a good sign. Oftentimes, your potential date is the last person you want to talk to right before you go to bed. Your potential date should be feeling the same way.

Frequent Mentions

During conversations, do you find yourself mentioning your date’s name? Does he or she frequently come up when you are talking with your friends? Then it’s a sign that you are thinking about your date every now and then. If your date does the same thing, then everything is good.

Unplanned Pet Names

Unconsciously, if you have pet names for each other, it’s a good sign. You could be reaching a point where you are more flirtatious. This is one step closer to your feelings blossoming into a full-blown romance.

You’ll know that you are more than a friend if you spot all of these signs. Of course, it goes without saying that you need to meet a couple of times first. If you’re sure, then you have to have “the talk”. Make sure that the timing is right for you to talk about making your relationship official. For more tips on dating, read other posts on the blog.