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You Can Call Yourself A Modern Gentleman If You Are Doing This

You would think that it’s easy to be a modern gentleman when approaching the ladies online or offline. Well, of course, you always have to be polite and not send your potential dates mixed messages. However, today, it requires more.

Becoming A Modern Gentleman Also Means That You Have To Be Considerate

Just because you are not sending your potential date anything offensive like tacky pickup lines or inappropriate photos, it doesn’t mean that you’re a modern gentleman. To call yourself so, you have to do the following:

1. Be Consistent

What do you have to be consistent about? Everything. From how you speak to a potential date, to how you treat potential matches, you have to be consistent.

2. Give Your Potential Dates Your Full Attention

A modern gentleman is not distracted by other things while he is with his date. He is not on his phone. In fact, he doesn’t check his phone at all. He is also not distracted by other people. His date has his full and undivided attention.

3. Ladies First

The “ladies first” concept has to be in your mind all the time. For example, if it’s time to go home after your date, don’t take the taxi first. Allow her to take the taxi before you.

4. Ghosting or Clinging Is Out Of The Picture

If you’ve lost interest in your date, it’s best to tell her upfront instead of ghosting her. On the other hand, if you have fallen quickly, don’t be too demanding of her time and attention.

Being a real modern gentleman is not hard to do. In most cases, you just have to rely on your common sense. Your date will appreciate you for it, and you will have the best chance at a next date. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.