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You Cannot Build Intimacy Without These Elements

Intimacy is synonymous with closeness. In order for a romantic relationship to last, the element of intimacy needs to be present. However, when most couples build intimacy, they find it too difficult of a task. The love is present but, over time, the closeness fades away. This may be because one element to build intimacy might be missing.

The Elements Necessary To Build Intimacy

There are four elements that are essential to building intimacy in a relationship. Before you go through the list, you have to remember one thing: you and your partner have to be receptive. It’s likely that you’re reading this now because there’s a lack of intimacy in your relationship. When you do decide to start rebuilding closeness with your partner, both of you need to be open to each other’s attempt at doing so. Now, on to the elements:

Appreciating Both The Little And Big Things

When was the last time that you appreciated what your partner did for you or for your relationship? If you can’t remember then it’s about time to show your appreciation. You can do so by saying thank you, hugging, helping out with the chores, or treating your partner to a dinner.


Most of the time, when we are stuck in a rut, new things tend to feel uncomfortable. For example, when you and your partner are used to not talking, a random conversation can feel awkward. Don’t mind the awkwardness and just accept the effort.

Both Of You Need An Agreement

As mentioned, if only one of you has decided to rebuild the intimacy in your relationship, the entire process won’t work. Both of you have to be in it together. Both of you need to agree that you will do everything you can to rebuild what you have lost in your relationship. You have to be accountable to each other too. Your teamwork will be tested as you rebuild so if one person is feeling under the weather, the other should compensate and vice versa.

Lots Of Affection

You can’t make a loving relationship without love. Every chance you get, try to plant a kiss, rub your partner’s back, say “I love you”, hug your partner from behind, and so on. These little actions show our partner that we are affectionate.

Remember that these four elements need to be in your relationship for intimacy to be present again. For more dating and relationship tips, check out more on the blog.