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Be Ahead Of The Game By Knowing These Dating Trends

When we want to be in the know, about let’s say our career or the industry we are working in, we search for resources that we can learn from, or we attend seminars so we can stay updated. It is no different in the online dating world. What you knew about online dating then may not be applicable today because the means and dynamics for online dating have evolved into something more suitable for today’s generation. It continues to develop which is why there are new dating trends that are born every year.

What Are The Dating Trends Everyone Should Know About?

So what dating trends are we currently seeing in the online dating world? According to a survey which included responses from 5,509 single men and women, from 18 to 70+ years old, these are the new dating trends that we can observe:

  • The younger generation is more preoccupied with finding a date online than the older generation. Researchers have found that younger people tend to admit they feel that they may be “addicted” to online dating. A whopping 95% of millennials said so during the survey.
  • 40% of the single correspondents stated that they’ve dated someone they met online.
  • 42% of single contributors formulate first impressions with their date’s social media posts. The same percentage also says that they judge the photos they see on dating profiles.
  • 39% are sensitive about grammar on online dating profiles.
  • Surprisingly, a majority of male participants says that they like dating a feminist. Believe it or not, but 59% of single men say that feminism has changed the dating rules for the better.
  • Here’s another interesting result from the survey. Apparently, men like it when women initiate the first move – asking for the man’s number, going for the first kiss, being the first to call. Around 90% of the male participants agree to this.
  • Both men and woman participants agree that more traditional ways of connecting to a person can better indicate if love is, indeed, present. For example, 79% of the participants said that a serious relationship may blossom if one party has let his or her parents know about the person he or she is dating online.

What The Data Tells Us About Dating Today

To summarize everything, you should know that millennials are into online dating very much. This means that you’re going to encounter a lot of people under this generation when you date online. You have to understand how a millennial’s mind works if you want to succeed at dating one.

Next, you need to be careful with your online dating profile because it does help a person formulate their first impression about you. Lastly, modern women with modern views are taking center stage in the online dating world. But, the more traditional approaches still apply when things get serious.

It’s good to know all of these rules so you can stay ahead of the game called online dating. Do you agree with the trends that the survey has spotted? If you do, feel free to share this post on social media. We have more updates about dating on the blog. Don’t forget to visit AsianDate as well if you want to try dating lovely ladies from Asia online.