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Secret Questions Every Girlfriend Wants To Ask

When you have been with your girlfriend for a while, you would think that she’s comfortable enough to tell you everything. The truth is, there are secret questions she still wants to ask you. However, she is either too shy or too worried to ask. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together because, in most cases, every girlfriend wants to ask her boyfriend secret questions.

These Secret Questions Are More Like Polite Requests

You shouldn’t worry about what these secret questions are because they have less to do with bad news. Actually, these questions are more like polite requests from your girlfriend:

1. Can you surprise me?

When was the last time you gave your girlfriend some flowers? You could say that she never asks for them or there was no need for flowers, but girls love small gifts. It makes a girl feel like you were thinking of her in the middle of the day. The surprise doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it have to be an object. Get creative. Surprise your girl with a song or even with finished chores.

2. Can I join you and your friends/family?

There are instances where we just want to spend quality time with friends and family by ourselves. This isn’t a bad thing, but you may be doing this too often to the point where you’re not including your girlfriend anymore.

3. Can you express your feelings more?

The last on this list of secret questions is a common one. Men don’t normally show off their feelings or even say “I love you” as often as women want. Try harder to show your appreciation and love to the person you are with.

You didn’t have anything to worry about. Yes, girls are expressive. They always talk to their friends about how they are feeling. However, when it comes to you, she may not be asking because you may not agree to her request or you may not be as accepting.

Think About Why Your Girlfriend Wants To Ask These Secret Questions

This post should be a sign for you to maybe look into paying more attention to your girlfriend. If you ask her about these secrets straightforwardly, she may not tell you the truth. But, if you just adjust your attitude, you will go forward with your relationship in a better way. For more tips about dating, read other posts on the blog.