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Relationship Questions Every Couple Should Be Able To Answer

When you have been with your partner for a year, you should have certain things planned already. This isn’t to say that things are perfectly aligned. However, there should be matters that both you and your partner already agree with. For example, if you are asked specific relationship questions, your answers should be similar.

Have You Reached A Point Where You Can Answer Relationship Questions Similarly?

A couple that has been together for some time might not have had totally figured out everything yet. But because you have already reached one year, it’s an indication that you may be dating a person who is committed. The relationship has the potential to move further so long as the couple is on the same page. If the couple has similar answers to the relationship questions below, then it’s a definite possibility:

“What are your partner’s biggest fears?”

You should definitely know how to answer this. After a year, you should have already talked about what you and your partner fear the most. Probably, the topic could even come up whenever you have a conversation. Either way, answering this correctly shows that you and your partner put your walls down.

“What are your future goals as a couple?”

If you don’t have similar answers to this question, it’s likely that one doesn’t see a future with the other. Or, vice versa. It’s possible that you may be headed in this direction, while your partner is headed in the opposite. Your views may not be as aligned as you thought when your answers are not cohesive.

“What does your partner value most in life?”

This is a another question that indicates the level of connection you have. After a year, you should be able to know your partner inside and out. Not knowing is a big red flag. It could indicate that one person isn’t as invested in the relationship, or both people are not invested at all.

If you feel like you have not reached this point after a year, it’s time to reassess the relationship you are in. You may not be connecting as well as you thought. Or, there may be some aspects of your relationship that need improving. Either way, treat the questions as assessments of your relationship’s condition. For more tips about dating and strengthening relationships, read other posts on the blog.