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Signs That Say Your Partner Still Has A Crush On You

When you look up the word “crush” in the dictionary, it’s going to describe the word as “intense but short-lived admiration”. In dating, it’s common for all of us to have crushes, but is it still possible when you are already few years into your relationship? Will your partner still have a crush on you after being together for some time?

Is Your Partner Clingy? He Or She May Have A Crush On You

Most of the time, couples lose the passion they once had at the beginning of the relationship after a few years. It’s natural, but it doesn’t mean that the two people in the relationship won’t regain the spark. Your partner may not be showing how he or she feels about you every day, but you’ll know that he or she still has a crush on you if you spot these signs:

1. Always Finding Excuses To Spend Time With You

If your partner has a crush on you, they will make up excuses just to spend time with you. In fact, they may make excuses to talk to you, bother you, play with you and so on. You remember how it was when you were younger and had a crush on someone, right? You always wanted to be with that person.

2. Doing Thoughtful Acts

Does your partner always make you coffee in the morning? If yes, then he or she still has a crush on you. Random acts of thoughtfulness is a big sign. Your partner is not expecting you to reciprocate, but it might be nice if you could.

3. Saying “I Miss You” Often

Again, this item is connected to the first one. Because you always want to be with the person you have a crush on, your will naturally long for that person when you are apart.

Does Your Partner Have A Crush On You?

If you spot most of the signs on the list, it probably makes you feel good. It’s comforting and encouraging to know that your partner still has a crush on you. It kind of lights your spark up a little bit too, doesn’t it? Don’t give up on your relationship even when things are stale at the moment. Always look forward to better things to come. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.