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How Japanese Women Fantasize About Meeting New Boyfriends

Despite the fact that Japanese society is considered to be one of the most introverted and shy ones, there is no reason people can’t fantasize about the way they want to meet their partner. In fact, Japanese women seem to be quite imaginative when it comes to the ways they’d like to meet their new boyfriends.

Japanese Women Express Their Fantasies

A poll was recently carried out by Waku Waku Communications on a sample of 1,000 Japanese women, looking for the ideal way they’d like to meet their partner. The ladies, who were between 25 and 39 years old, were presented with a list of hypothetical situations, out of which they chose their favorite fateful encounter scenarios. What they ended up with is this interesting list.

#10. You’re watching a baseball game at the stadium and the batter hits a home run. You get all excited and high-five the fan next to you. It turns out he’s a suteki (great, handsome) guy. (78 votes) This is probably also the fantasy of many guys all over the world, so many will be happy to hear about this fantasy.

#9.  You’re about to have a barbecue with friends at the park when a cute guy you don’t know comes over and lights the fire for you. (82 votes). It seems that Japanese women appreciate a helpful hand that may also have some strong bbq skills.

#8. You’re at the bar when the waiter comes over with a drink and says “It’s from the gentleman sitting over there”. You look around and the guy is a total suteki. (92 votes) Simple, yet effective, it seems.

#7. A thug or a drunk is bothering you, and a suteki guy suddenly appears and saves you. (122 votes). The age-old fantasy of a knight in shining armor saving the damsel in distress lives on.

#6. It’s been quite a few years since you last saw each other when you suddenly run into your old boyfriend from junior high and rekindle your romance. (151 votes). This is the ideal scenario for the one-that-got-away (and returned).

#5. You to stumble on the stairs, but a suteki guy is there to catch you. (180 votes). Although where the stairs may be or of what kind is not specified, it is (again) the fantasy of a strong savior that’s at number 5 of the fantasies list.

#4.  A suteki man moves into the flat next door. (184 votes). Not just the scenario of a Japanese women’s fantasy encounter with a boyfriend, but also the basic plot of a number of Hollywood films, of course.

#3. You’re at the bookstore, and as you reach for a book, a suteki man does the same. Your hands softly touch. (189 votes) The book title remains unknown, but this fantasy for the more intellectual among us at number 3 on the list reveals that Japanese women appreciate a well-read guy.

#2. On the Shinkansen (Japanese train), a suteki man helps you put your luggage up on the overhead rack. (196 votes) Near the top of the list, another fantasy of a helpful guy, this time on the setting of many a romantic novel: the train.

#1. You’re seated next to a suteki man on an airplane, and it turns out you’re going to the same city, and then you bump into each other again at a sightseeing spot there. (257 votes). More than one-fourth of the Japanese women who voted went for this chance encounter that involves quite a few coincidences with traveling to a foreign land.

Overall, looking at this top 10 of Japanese women’s ideal ways to meet a new boyfriend, it seems that they all would like a suteki to come their way either providing a welcome solution in a difficult situation or making a pleasant one even better.

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