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Listening To Your Friend’s Dating Advice? Don’t

When you are dating, there will be well-meaning friends who will offer you some inputs about your partner as well as your relationship. It may be a good idea to listen, but a friend’s dating advice might not work out well for you, or for any of us, after all.

Why A Friend’s Dating Advice Isn’t Worth Listening To

There are many reasons why your friend may not be truthful to you in terms of giving relationship advice. They might be in different stages in their lives and a friend’s dating advice might not be what you need at this point. Also, you cannot be sure if their counsel is out of love or just jealousy (although if you question that, you should question your friendship also). So it’s best to only trust yourself. Here are examples of friends that you should never take dating advice from:

From The Just-Married Friend

Do you have a friend who has recently got married or engaged? They would mostly see love everywhere. Naturally, they would want everyone to be as happy as them, without thinking if you have a good match or not in your current date. This friend might be well-meaning, but the dating advice may not just be applicable to you.

From The “I Agree!” Friend

There is always a friend who agrees with whatever you say. It can be negative or positive, but it seems that they don’t want any arguments and disagreements so, in the end, they just agree with everything. While you may feel good with everything that this friend says, there is no honesty at all. So you will end up not seeing things objectively.

From The Selfish Friend

This is the worst friend because he or she can never be happy for you, no matter who you are dating. Even if you already found somebody who is worthy of your attention, this friend will always find something wrong in this person. You might lose your opportunity for love when you listen to this friend’s dating advice. Think for yourself and stay away from this person.

Having A Good Friend

There are those of us who have true friends around them. These are people who truly care and are not selfish. They are not afraid to be honest and to give their support even in the midst of failure. A true friend’s dating advice is the only thing you should listen to. However, these kinds of people are rare these days. You wouldn’t know a true friend unless you’ve known the person for a considerable amount of years.

In conclusion, it is still best to listen to your intuition and let your wisdom guide you. Avoid a friend’s dating advice, especially if you do not know the motive from where it is coming from. For more reviews and tips on dating, read the rest of our blog.