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Examples Of Microcheating That You Should Watch Out For

Cheating on your partner can take many forms. And probably most of you have encountered a few in your lifetime. Now, we have microcheating to watch out for. It is a new term for little indiscretions or subtle actions that can lead to full-blown cheating.

Forms Of Microcheating Happening Today

There are varying degrees of micro-cheating. Some are not as bad, while others appear more low key. Despite this, it’s important that you keep your eye on the resulting possibilities that are brought about by the following actions:

1. Sending a message to an ex-lover.

While it may be a harmless text message, there is really no point reaching out to a former flame. This is especially true if you are already in a new relationship. This will give you the image of somebody who is still not over the past and is just using the present as a spare. The best thing to do is to focus on your current relationship and work on  it to make it grow.

2. Liking the posts of your crush regularly.

We live in the digital age where social media is now the norm. But, if you keep following and liking the post of a person who you would like to be in a relationship with if given the chance, then that is a form of microcheating. This is especially true if you are actually stalking the person’s post.

3. Building a platonic relationship online.

There are married or committed men and women who have something that looks like a “platonic” online relationship. They can talk about different topics and even offer wise solutions to problems. But, these seemingly harmless online conversations can lead to a deeper relationship. These kinds of online friendships should be avoided because they could be traps.

4. Not deleting your profile on dating apps.

You are already committed to a relationship, or worse, married. The most logical thing to do is to delete your profile on dating sites and apps. You don’t need them anymore, right? In case your current relationship doesn’t work, you can easily create another profile.

5. Fantasizing about someone else while being intimate.

This is a really low form of microcheating. You already have a good thing, a person who cares about you, and a relationship to nurture. But while having your intimate moment, your mind wanders. It’s really unfair to your partner. You may think “So what if my partner doesn’t know”. But you know and it will affect the way you see your relationship. Sooner or later, you will be dissatisfied.

Cheating is like a thief that steals joy and contentment out of relationships. Avoid temptations, even as little as microcheating. Share this post if you found it helpful and don’t forget to visit our blog for more tips.