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Dating A Celebrity On A Dating Simulator Is Now A Thing

It’s all becoming possible in Japan, the country that has the edge on technology and gaming. After a string of prominent people, (including samurais, pop stars, company execs and famous chefs) have been employed to provide an exciting experience in dating simulators so far, a new generation of stars: the YouTube celebrities, is set to provide an even more up-to-date kind of romance.

How The New Dating Simulator Works

If you’re wondering about the scenario and rules of this new game, it’s all quite genius in its simplicity really. Here’s how the game works.

The Scenario

As with all dating simulator scenarios, the story in “90 Days of Love with You”, or “You-Koi,” as its abbreviated Japanese title is, provides the player with the perfect version or romance. Here, the very attractive sim character is a YouTube video personality who is looking for an assistant. The player meets the YouTuber by chance and lands a job as the celebrity’s assistant.

The Rules

There are 3 simple rules to abide by in the “90 Days of Love with You” game:

Rule #1 The assistant (player) agrees to provide comprehensive assistance in video production, which includes daily lifestyle support.

Rule #2 The assistant agrees to stay in the position for a 3-month period.

And, most importantly, rule #3 Romance between the assistant and the YouTuber is not allowed.

If you are thinking that the 3-month period limitation is too much, perhaps you are forgetting how enticing the concept of forbidden love really is. It’s actually the perfect time period to develop feelings and enjoy the hidden romance before the player can openly pursue a relationship with the famous YouTuber.


An element adding extra fun to the game will be the anime-style representations of real YouTuber stars Hajime Shacho, Avantees, Pocky, and the Charisma Brothers, all of whom have huge fanbases for their streaming videos that are either funny or having to do with video games.

With the constant rise of YouTube celebrities, it was a matter of time before a dating game with some of them were created. And where else would that be possible, if not in Japan? The free-to-play game is scheduled for release for iOS and Android devices later this spring and is expected to be a bit hit.

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