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Asian Culture

A relationship is a two way street of speaking and listening. Listen to your Asian woman enlighten you about her culture. When you speak with your beauty from AsianDate don’t be afraid to ask questions or share your own knowledge.

Asian culture varies greatly depending on the area of Asia you are in. In order to know which part of Asia you would like to visit, you will need to know all the Asian culture facts. Use this blog to gain in-depth knowledge of the many cultures of Asia.

When you find the right fit, feel free to take our advice and apply it to your travels in order to make the most fulfilling trip and become a part of the Asian culture.

Asian culture AsianDate

What You Need To Know About Asian Culture Before You Start Dating

In the modern age of routine global contact and international awareness, you might think that society is becoming more and more homogenized. It is a small world, after all, isn’t it? Happily, though, we haven’t become “all alike”, and there are still some cultural differences. So if you are planning to date an Asian woman, there are things you should be aware of in Asian culture.

Don’t Be Ignorant About These Things In Asian Culture

Dating someone from a different culture can be a wonderfully eye-opening experience. Asia, in particular, offers a rich tapestry of customs, cuisine, and culture. As you head to Asia for your date, or even if you stay in and date someone from Asia, be aware of these Asian culture facts.

Gender Roles

Gender roles are traditionally more defined than they are in the West. The man is expected to provide while the women are supporters of the man. This doesn’t mean that men are expected to dominate the women.

On the contrary, the atmosphere is to be one of mutual respect. In dating, men should be prepared to take on the traditional role of provider. Don’t ask her to pay for anything! (Yes, some men still think that is acceptable in the West, but that’s a guaranteed way to have a short date in Asia).

Celebrations and Get-togethers

Many Asian cultures have a lot of yearly celebrations. Children, both adult and younger, are expected to be part of those celebrations with the family. You will be expected to join the festivities, so don’t be afraid to ask questions about the event. Many people are more than happy to explain their celebrations and the history behind them!

The Importance of Family

You can expect to be brought home to meet the parents. Parents in many Asian families still have a degree of say in who their children date, an echo of an older time when any potential date was also a potential mate.

Though some things have changed and you probably won’t need a parental nod of approval, you might still get to meet your date’s parents. Remember to be respectful, as many Asian cultures hold the older generations in higher esteem than people in the West.

Long-Term Thinking

Dating is not the casual affair in Asia that it in the West. While many Asians have had enough exposure to the West to understand the Western concept of dating, the traditional approach is to think about dating in the longer-term. One-time dates are simply not a staple of the Asian social scene.

Although there’s not much difference in the actual date itself, culture has a very strong influence on the dating process. You and your date will be from different cultures, and your date will understand that as much as you do. Being respectful of your date’s culture will help keep things going smoothly between you. This could lead to a wonderful long-term relationship, and you will both be richer for the experience.

For more advice like this, visit the rest of our blog.

Relationship Fundamentals You Absolutely Should Have | Asian Date

Relationship Fundamentals You Absolutely Must Have

There are a lot of different elements that we look for in a perfect match. Some of them are negotiable. For example, we can do without being too specific with our match’s hair color. We may prefer blond, but if a special person with brown hair comes along, then we won’t mind. But, there are elements, also known as relationship fundamentals, that we cannot compromise on.

How Many Relationship Fundamentals Are In Your Partnership?

The elements that go deeper than looks should never be adjusted just for the sake of being in a relationship. We all deserve someone who can love and care for us, as well as give us the following relationship fundamentals:


Trust is a non-negotiable fundamental that will allow your relationship to flourish when it is present. Both parties have to trust each other, whether they are in each other’s presence or not.


You shouldn’t be in a relationship that’s boring and stiff. You should be able to laugh with and at your partner. Because you two are in a relationship, you should be as one, not minding each other’s faults and just laughing at mistakes that are too silly for words. Humor also makes you feel more connected with each other. It fosters the friendship aspect of the relationship.

Compassion & Respect

When one person in the relationship is down, it’s important for the other to boost this person up. Compassion is all about showing kindness and understanding when one person is struggling or has a problem. Compassion can also foster respect, and it can make your partner feel safe to be with you.


For most people, it is ironic to say that you need freedom when you’re in a relationship. The truth is, you actually do. You should have the freedom to be yourself. You should think of your relationship and make it a priority, but you should have enough room to grow as your own person.

Learn To Nurture These Relationship Fundamentals

How many relationship fundamentals do you spot in your own partnership? If your answer is “not a lot,” then you know that you have more room to grow as a couple. Don’t give up on your relationship just yet. It just means that you haven’t reached a point where you and your partner are more connected. Put in the right amount of effort and you will eventually get there. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.

Facts About Women You Should Learn And Understand | Asian Date

Facts About Women That Will Save Your Love Life

Do you feel like you already understand women? Most men do, but there is still a lot more to learn when it comes to facts about women. For all you know, your beliefs might not even be accurate. Remember, the more that you study how a woman’s mind works, the closer you will be tofinding a date.

Facts About Women Most Men Don’t Know Yet

Everyone knows that woman are complex creatures. However, most men make the mistake of believing that the way they think can be figured out with just a few years of studying one female. Surely, not. There are still a few facts about women that men need to learn and understand:

1. Integrity

Men and women understand integrity differently. Their definitions may be the same, but men are true to their word. Women, on the other hand, are true to their feelings. Just look at the major themes of most romantic stories. Women act according to how they feel. If they feel that something is right, then they will go for it.

2. Attraction

By now, you may already know that what women say is sometimes different from what women do. A lot of women say that they want to be with a nice guy, but the truth is, they want to be with someone unpredictable. Women want someone who can be in control (not all the time, of course). Attraction, to a woman, is a choice. They’re looking to feel that spark and excitement.

3. Sensitivity

A lot of people will tell you that it’s unfair to say that a woman is more sensitive than a man. Actually, it’s a biological fact. The way a woman’s mind works is totally different. A woman sees sharing as expressing how she feels but a man sees this as complaining. For you to be in line with how a woman thinks, you have to be more sensitive to her feelings. If she shares a story with you, you don’t have to comment on it. All you have to do is listen and be more sensitive.

Learn These Facts About Women To Improve Your Love Life

What do you think of these facts about women? Definitely, you will need to learn more. But, the main lesson that you should take away from this is that you need to spend more time to get to know the woman you are interested in because she is complex and unique. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.

healthy relationships AsianDate

The Real Reason Why You Stay Away From Healthy Relationships

Throughout your dating life, have you ever wondered why you shy away from healthy relationships? Most don’t do this, of course, but there’s a good number of us who are seemingly afraid of being happy with the right person. What are we afraid of? And, why can’t we accept the love that we deserve?

Why It’s Hard For You To Accept Healthy Relationships

It may be difficult to understand why this is so. If you take a step back, you may think that it is only logical to gravitate towards something that makes us happy. But, that’s not always the case because of the following reasons:


Do you know what your attachment style is? It was during your childhood that you have developed it. You may have a secure, anxious, or combination attachment style. You don’t have to worry about anything when you have a secure style. But, if you have an anxious attachment style, it is likely the reason why you cannot accept healthy relationships.

Distancing Behaviors

Let’s say that you met someone special online. At the very beginning, there won’t be any problems. Since you are still in your honeymoon phase, everything is going to feel really happy or blissful. But, eventually, you are going to show distancing behaviors because you are afraid to get hurt or are afraid to let anyone in.

Being Unaware

You could be walking through life not noticing that you actually have to change something in your relationship behavior. You might need to practice more awareness because you don’t know that you’re stuck in a rut. One clue that says you have to open your eyes some more is that your friends or family tell you to do so.

Establish Healthy Relationships By Dealing With Your Baggage

Being in healthy relationships won’t be possible for you unless you deal with your baggage first. If you don’t, you’re just going to end up in the same cycle over and over again. The best thing to do would be to study yourself more, do a little bit of self-discovery, or seek professional help. For more updates and dating tips, read other posts on the blog.