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Why Love Is A Choice And Not A Feeling

When you’re dating or when you’re already in a relationship, you don’t think about the stages of love that you go through. There’s actually three: falling in love, being in love, and staying in love forever. You cannot progress without going through each stage. During the last stage, you have to realize and accept that love is a choice – you have to choose to remain in love.

Love Is A Choice And You Have To Make It Everyday

There are so many couples today that have fallen out of love because they do not fully understand the concept of the last stage. For more of these couples, it doesn’t work out because they don’t believe that love is a choice. To them, it’s simply a feeling. When that feeling disappears, it can only mean that you do not love the person anymore. Here’s why we should all see it as a choice:

1. The Spark Is Not Sustainable

We all know that the spark we feel at the beginning of the relationship is not sustainable. After maybe three months, the spark is definitely going to be gone. Of course, its presence won’t be permanently removed from your relationship because you will still have those loving moments when the spark becomes a bigger flame.

2. Love Is More Than Just A Chemical High

If we base this one on science, love is nothing more than just a chemical reaction. However, there are things we do for love that science cannot explain. One of those is choosing to love the person we’re with even though we feel angry or annoyed.

3. Individual Differences Will Arise

As mentioned, we will definitely feel annoyed in a relationship. There might even be times when we feel like we’re so angry to the point of combustion. But, we fix our differences and we move forward. In this instance, we are choosing to love rather than bare hatred.

If you choose to stay despite of the circumstances, then you are already choosing to love. There’s no perfect relationship and you shouldn’t aim for one either. Choosing to love is all about accepting the imperfections, and making an effort to make improvements wherever needed in any relationship. For more tips and reviews, read other posts on the blog.